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Please bear with us as we have launched in beta so you may notice a bug or two. The best thing you can do is let us know right here in the Site Feedback Forum. Have a question or comment regarding the new site? This is your place.

Sorry, but the online edition of the magazine SUCKS (bugs, bugs, BUGS!!!).

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  •   Man alive, WHO designed the Reader application for your digital edition? I've been trying to read my issue all freaking morning with no luck.  In Chrome so far, I've encountered the following issues, all of which l;eave me wanting to abandon the experiment:

    1. The stupid "Home" control is smack-dab between the "page" controls.  So far I've accidentally hit it three or four.  Every time I do this, I'n not able to return easily to the page I left from, instead I had to locate the article in the appropriate sub-area of the TOC and then scroll along to find my page.  So far I've abandoned reading two articles because of this.  SOLUTION: Relocate the stupid Home button (duh), or at least place a prominent, "Return to Last Page" control when it's invoked...

    2. Zoom is AWFUL - in Chrome anyway, my standard Ctrl+Mouse Wheel zoom is disabled.  Every other web site I visit uses this default browser feature, but does GameInformer?  Nooooo, certainly not.  I gotta use the stuipid orange zoom control.  Which typically zooms WAY IN or ALL THE WAY OUT erratically, causing me to have top "fine tune" the zoom 4 or 5 times to get the view I want. Which leads me to...

    3. Zoom Dissapears! - Sometimes the zoom just.. goes back to 100%,  Not sure how.  What'd I do?  Now I gotta re-zoom 4 or 5 more times. Grrrr....  SOLUTION: Fix the bloody thing so that Chrome users can Ctrl_Mouse Wheel zoom like the rest of the &^%$#@! internet.

    4. Zooming Disables Sidebar Scroll Bar - This one here is the worst offender.   At any zoom level OTHER than 100% (which is too small for easy reading on my 27" monitor), all I ghet is a "hand" cursor when I mouse over the magazine page.  That's nice, letitng me move the page around when the fl;aky zoom sends me ALL THE WAY IN so I can't see 50% of the page, but it also disables my ability to use your side-bar scroll controls.  That means I can't see your content.  Which leads to frustration. Which causes me to lament the fact that I chose to get this &^%$#@! e-edition. SOLUTION: Make these controls ALWAYS available at ANY zoom level, as they are what I'd consider "mission critical" controls.

      I get it guys, I really do... this is hard stuff to get 100% right.  I design web applications for a living and I know that.  But this... THING... is not even half-baked yet, considering that I can't even see 100% of the content you thought to include.  Please let me know if you need any more info on my specs or what I'm doing on any of the above and I'll be happy to assist. But please fix it soon - I'll give it another issue or two, and if it's still like this I'm asking to go back to the dead-tree edition...  

    Thanks --Matt C. Columbus, Ohio 

  • UPDATE: The "unavailable scroll bar bug" also happens when you zoom in and then try to return to 100%.  Sometimes (about 50% of the time), I still can't access the scroll bar sideline area, even at 100%.  A F5  page refresh clears it (until I try to zoom again). Right now my work-around is to not zoom at all and to view the page at 100% at all times, whcich means squinting at slammer text than I'd like.  PLEASE look at this issue in Chrome ASAP!!

  • If you dont like it then you can always switch to the print version if you would like.

  • How?

  • Well I think I miss spoke... It seems you can only switch from print to digital. But I think I found a solution. Do you own a power up card? If so call the help line number on the back and tell them what you want. From what I have read they should be able to change it and you will get your print copies.

  • Ahhh Haaaaa! Found it! Go here, and in the middle section under all the digital magazine stuff it says "Change from digital to print." That is how you do it.

  •  GENIUS!  Thanks very much, Dawson!  I'm gonna give them another issue to see if they work out some of the bugs, but it's good to know I have options.  FYI - viewing the magazine in Internet Explorer solves most, if not all, of the bugs I encountered it seems like, but I'm then, you know, using *IE* which I hate.  Hope they get the Chrome bugs ironed out...

    Thanks again!

  • I havent noticed any Bugs that are big with Chrome, thats what I use and love it. Ya I wouldnt even try the Online Magazine, I just subscribed to Print Version so I cant wait to get it. I hope you have a good time on GIO and if you have any more problems just let me know here in the Forums or just message me. See ya.

  • I've got to day having just switched from print to digital I have to agree with the OP, the digital edition SUCKS! It's a travesty in terms of layout, navigation and its not even touch optimized! With Windows 8/RT tablets becoming ever more popular I am simply amazed at how behind the curve this digital issue is.

    Being an ex iPad owner maybe I've been spoiled in the digital consumption arena, but they had GOT to improve this.

    If you want to see a digital magazine edition done right, look no further than Engadgets's Distro magazine. It looks simply awesome on every platform I've used it. It scales correctly to your screen size, allows pinch zooming and has a fluid and natural navigation model.

    This was my first issue of digital and I immediately want to switch back to print.

    Come on GI, sort it out!

  • JESUS, I cant even edit my spelling errors in this forum!

  • So my while post I just typed out upped and disappeared! Man this experience is more bug ridden than a bed in a sleazy motel!

    What I was attempting to say was I managed to install the GI app on a borrowed iPad to see what it was like. Talk about night and day. It's a polished, smooth experience - everything a digital magazine SHOULD be!

    So why are us PC users getting shafted? Has anyone used the Android app?

    Game Informer - if you are listening (and don't worry - I'll be emailing the feedback section of the magazine right after I finish here), you NEED to update your PC magazine experience as it is currently an exercise in frustration.

    Given the market is starting to see more touch enabled Windows devices thanks to Windows 8, you really need to create a Windows 8 app that gives the same experience as your iPad app.

    My initial exposure to the digital version of your magazine was on a Windows 8 tablet and all I can say is - ATROCIOUS! Please fix it!

  • I have to agree with woodbane.  I also use a Windows 8 tablet (Surface RT) and I have not been able to view a single issue since switching to digital.  Being a long time subscriber it disappoints me not being able to keep up with the news.  Please help the Windows users.  

  • A game stop employee set me up with the digital edition.. w/o telling me. Neglected to tell me when i checked on this 2 mos later.. told me it was my address (it wasnt) and then finally told me it was a digital subscription. after that, i go to the google play market to check for the app reader.. saw that 3/4 of it was 1 star reviews.. *no thanks*. This has been a bad experience after being a subscriber for so long.  Get with the program game stop and game informer. you guys will crash into the ground if you keep this up.

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