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Why Don't We Keep Temporary Blog Text On the Page Even When We Leave?

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  • I mean it, why is it that the title and sometimes the Tags section remain if I accidentally click out of writing a review or blog post, but not the main body of text? Even ModDB, a site running on what I expect to be a far smaller team than GIO, manages to have this feature in their blog posting, and they've left that feature unsupported for years. Why can't the site just retain the field there?

    P. S. While we're at it, I'm level 13, I'm not a bot, so can I please stop having to fill in a Captcha check unless someone reports me for spamming and/or some other misdemeanor that would suggest my account was hacked? Please?

    I am Paradigm the Fallen.

    That's "Para-dime". Not "Pair-of-dig-em".

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