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Entry only permitted to the group of users who helped create Game Informer's original online community. Special thanks for sticking with us for so long.

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  • Forum Post: Ha! I Just Remembered This!

    Hey guys, remember when we all went to Hooters when we were all drunk and disorderly at, like, 3 in the afternoon and we all piled into my friend's van without him noticing because he was too busy makin' out with this ugly chick even though he was supposed to come with us but he was breaking...
  • Forum Post: Re: Tournament of the Cool Kids Club

    Nub vs JustinFx Knuckles vs Supersnake Dav vs Lecithin AngelGamer vs TeknoDwarf Mitch_The_Switch vs Rinoa (Lauren) Treestump (of the mutant variety) vs Little Big Ethan Smackey vs Brady Jairo (Conker) vs the King Sushi Pat vs Pat's Ridiculously Easy Mother GI Paul vs Ringgold STRAFE vs v3rTabreaker...
  • Forum Post: Tournament of the Cool Kids Club

    Let's just do it here! And Arob, take all the nominations from the HoF thread and make another Vs list. The new format is fine, but tournaments are always fun. Get to work, Arob!
  • Forum Post: Re: Welcome!

    That's what HE said!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cwutididther?)