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What do you mean you've got 1,438 channels and there's nothing on?! Chances are someone here has some show they want to tell you all the spoilers for. Maybe the entire show has just been the main character's dream...

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    4 8 15 16 23 42 The latest episode of season six had only included the numbers when Locke/Smokezilla/Man in Black brought Sawyer to the cave with survivors' names written all over it. Next to each name was a number. If I remember correctly, the names were: Shepard, Kwon, Ford, Reyes, and Locke. After...
  • Forum Post: Seasons 1-5 Recap in 8 min and 15 sec.

    Although this video made me slightly nauseous, it's a great recap of Seasons 1-5. I just can't wait for Feb 2.
  • Forum Post: From One Lost Person to Another... Should I Buy Lost the Video Game for the 360?

    okay so im torn between people saying that the lost game was a waste of time and others saying it was good :O ... so you guys are my fellow lost club members so what do you think, should i buy it? or just say screw it and watch the show only? thanks :)
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