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Have you ever seen that one movie with that dude in it? Chances are someone here has, and they want to talk to you about it. Grab some popcorn and discuss all things relating to the silver screen.

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  • Forum Post: The Next Gaming Movie

    Like most of the people here I have seen movies that are based off of video games. Some of those movies were epicly awesome( ex. Hitman, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, ect...). Then there were movies that made ya just wanna say Blahhh( ex. Doom, Bloodrayne, Street Fighter: Rise of Chun Lee, ect..). And...
  • Forum Post: Pandorum

    I just finished watching Pandorum on DVD. It was a really good sci-fi movie. It's up there with Alien and Event Horizon for me. Hollywood is getting hard up for interesting stories, and it has been a while since gruesome aliens invaded a space ship. It is definetely worth a rent. Lots of gore, keeps...
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