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Confused about continuity? Want to start your own Marvel vs. DC superhero war? Head on in to pick apart storylines, books, artists, authors, and much more. The superhero registration line starts here.

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  • Forum Post: Re: Marvel NOW! Post-Discussion

    @Mr.Exclusive: Yeah, that was pretty awesome and it made total sense. I laughed pretty hard at "What do you Mean there's no internet connection?!" and was thrilled at the use of Chinese characters as that's what I studied in college. I can't wait to see where this series ends up...
  • Forum Post: Re: Marvel NOW! Post-Discussion

    Read Indestructible Hulk #4 and loved it. XD I'm so glad I subscribed to this series.
  • Forum Post: Re: Marvel NOW! Post-Discussion

    @Chaos: Heh. That was the best response that could've been given, methinks. I also like Indestructible's take on Banner. It just feels right. @Mr. Exclusive: Hulk vs. Iron Man. This is a no brainer. @Superior Steve: A lot of people have been saying that Gillen's Iron Man has been off, confusing...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    @Chaos: I really do appreciate your comment but I have to get up for work in four hours so I'll do an actual response once I'm about halfway through my shift tomorrow. This probably made no sense. o_0 Edit: @Chaos: Okay. Good to hear about the Bruce Jones run. I'll have to check that out...
  • Forum Post: Re: Review Previews

    Marvel, Indestructible Hulk #1 Title: Lost Momentum Opening Remarks : I’ll be honest, the Hulk is not a character I’ve read a lot of. I’ve only read Essential Hulk Volume 1, Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, a few of his appearances in the first volume of Wolverine, and whenever he popped...
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