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  • Blog Post: Return to the board.

    Pro skater is one of those old games I remember very well when my cousin and I would play it many hours a day. The return of the game should be fun and bring nostalgia, and it does. Just not perfectly. The game is a remake of proskater 1 and 2 with added elements such as Online, the newest component... More
  • Blog Post: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

    I've been a long-time fan and player of the Tony Hawk series of video games, through thick and thin, and witness to countless formulaic changes in look and feel. It's been a real shame these last few years, what with the fact that the franchise has all but died off and lost all of it's luster... More
  • Blog Post: The HD Mash Up

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Saying that name brings images of soaring over half pipes, grinding rails, and kickflips. The original Tony Hawk Pro Skater allowed players to perform the skating tricks from the depths of their imaginations. 360 melons and the 900 just to name a few. This gameplay paired with revamped... More
  • Blog Post: so this is it

    after a year of waiting we finally have the hd remake of THPS HD and all i can say its average, the nostalgia still there, but this is not really the original one, it takes some elements from the first 3 games and blend them all while making a game that's average at best. its full of bugs and you'll... More
  • Blog Post: Its been a long time...again?

    For those of us who remember Tony Hawk for what it used to be, THPS HD is a fresh reminder of our nostalgic minds! I bought the game as soon as it was available, waiting for the page on XBLA to refresh and I have to say...Not at all disappointed. Its been a long time since i picked up the board and it... More
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