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The Sims 3

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    The Sims 3 Basics

    Below is a basic guide for The Sims 3. You can move into any house you want to in the various neighborhoods, and you'll be given two options for buying one. You can...
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    5 Fastest Ways To Kill Your Sim ! Part 2

    3. Death by Electrocution The most common cause of accidental death. It happens most often to clumsy Sims who try and test fate by tinkering with electrical equipment...
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    5 Fastest Ways To Kill Your Sim ! Part 1

    Already bored with your sims ? or maybe you wat to punish your sims because they caused you a lot of stress You can have fun with them with other way by killing them...
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    The Sims 3

    Here are some cheat codes that will help you along the way: During gameplay, press CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista) to bring up the cheats console. Enter...
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