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5 Fastest Ways To Kill Your Sim ! Part 2

The Sims 3

5 Fastest Ways To Kill Your Sim ! Part 2


3. Death by Electrocution

The most common cause of accidental death. It happens most often to clumsy Sims who try and test fate by tinkering with electrical equipment . Or using an electrical object near water. Hey, Mom always said not to bring the radio in the bathtub.

You’ll know that you’re on the verge of electrocution if your Sim gets a “Singed” mood after failing to repair some piece ofelectrical equipment. If the Sim tries again, they’ll be riding the lightning straight into the afterlife. Sims who die viaelectricity return as a yellow ghost.

This one can be surprisingly difficult to create on purpose though. It’s more apt to happen accidentally. You can try repairing things until the big shock arrives, or you can try having a Mad Scientist perform an experiment on it. Tinkering with things like stereos while standing in water can also bring about electrocution. Unfortunately, all of these can take quite a while, and you may find yourself standing in puddles of water tinkering for ages. Be prepared to be patient.

4. Death by Starvation

When your Sim is hungry you’ll know it. They’ll grab their stomach, make terrible noises, and just generally be grouchy. After a while, they’ll get the starving mood, and a timer will appear. If they don’t get some food in them, and quickly, they will die.

This one takes quite a while to happen… three days, to be exact. Three days of watching the Sim stamp their feet and gag. Kind of makes you hungry, actually. A starving Sim appears as a purple ghost.

This one is only fun if you’re trying to get the “complete set” of death. Otherwise, it takes too long to be any kind of satisfying. That is, unless you like watching your Sim suffer horribly, which is probably the case if you’re reading this section. Starving your Sim isn’t exactly an art… trap them somewhere without food and watch them waste away. It’s fun for the whole family.

5. Death by Old Age

The inevitable end of every Sim, unless you decide to turn off the aging process that is. In which case, congratulations on cheating death, you cheater. It comes on rather suddenly… pop, and your Sim is a ghost. No suffering about it.

If you want your Sim to be able to dance on the graves of other elders, there are a few options available beyond simply granting immortality. Top gardeners can grow Life Fruit which will extend your Sims’ lifespan. Once the end finally arrives, your Sim will return as a grey ghost.

Sadly, death by natural causes isn’t particularly satisfying for the sadists amongst us. For one thing, it’s extemely quick. But we’re sure you’ll find a way to enjoy it nevertheless.

See.. you can find a colored ghost… red ghostyellow ghostblue ghostpurple ghost, and a default white ghostwith a fun ways to kill your sims