Already bored with your sims ? or maybe you wat to punish your sims because they caused you a lot of stress  You can have fun with them with other way by killing them  (evil laugh). There are 5 ways to kill your sim , well i only found 5… maybe if you find other ways, you can share with us here

Okay let’s get started :

1. Death by Fire

For the most part, Sims will only die by fire if they get trapped in a room with the flames. You know, after you’ve removed the door. Fires are generally started by ignoring food on the stove.

One it starts, it’ll quickly spread. And if your Sim manages to catch, they will need to find a source of water, or they’ll die horribly. If a Sim dies by fire, they return as red ghosts with small flames inside them where they’ll be met by theReaper and taken to the hereafter.

The best and most expedient way to kill your Sims by fire i strap them in a room and set them on fire. It’s a simple matter of removing the doors, and watching them burn like marshmallows.

A particularly devious way to take them all out is to throw a party for the Sims. Once they guests arrived and the fun begins, remove all the doors and start a door by leaving some food on the stove for too long. The celebration will get toasty in a hurry 

2. Death by Drowning

This one is an old standby, i used this way since The Sims. Sims fans have been dropping their unloved characters in pools and removing the ladder since time began. But Sims 3 has added a new wrinkle to the proceedings… they can still climb out! Yes, it’s actually possible for your Sim toescape even if there’s no ladder.

Of course, fatigue can still play a large factor in potential drownings, even with the ability to escape. If a fatigued mood shows up for the Sim with a timer, you have until the timer runs out to get them out of there. Otherwise, it’s down to the watery depths. Sims who die this way return as a blue ghost.

In Sims 3, the Sim can simply climb out of a pool andescape, but so what? Just keep canceling the action and they’ll be helpless. Alternatively, you can put up some sort of barrier to keep them from getting out. The easy answer is walls,” but we prefer to be more environmentally conscious.

Yes, this unfortunate Sim has fallen victim to a wall of trees. We felt that it was important that we give nature a boost while going about our grisly work. It may even give some other Sim a mood boost later on.