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  • Blog Post: Latest Dev Diary Shows Joel's Resourceful Side

    Items are limited in The Last of Us' post-apocalyptic world, and it's up to the player to make the best of those remaining resources. As a new developer diary shows, there's more to it than merely rummaging through drawers to find ammunition. Joel is resourceful, and one of the ways that... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The PAX Prime Demo Of The Last Of Us

    This month at PAX Prime, Naughty Dog showed off the riveting, behind-closed-doors E3 trailer of The Last of Us. If you weren't at either event, you can now see the full 16-minute demo here. We promise you it was worth the wait. I only saw the public demo Naughty Dog showed for The Last of Us at E3... More
  • Blog Post: Strife Breeds Strife: Inspiration For The Last Of Us

    Naughty Dog is attempting to deliver a very different gaming experience with The Last of Us. The ambitious team wants to craft a tense atmosphere, believable relationships, and a post-apocalyptic world like we have never seen in video games. While The Last of Us is a brand new IP, the talented crew at... More
  • Blog Post: Everything We Know About The Last Of Us

    The Last of Us has officially been unveiled care of the VGAs as Naughty Dog’s next game following its successful Uncharted series. Based on the trailer, we think the game will likely feature an older man and a young teenage woman as they try to survive in newly created post-apocalypse world. The... More
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