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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

   For you Legend of Zelda fans out there, I highly recomend that you play this game. The graphics are amazingly sharp and the enemys are even cooler. But there is even more to the game than just the storyline. One of the extra features in this great game has to offer is the light bug quest given to you by Agatha in Castle Town. But to get to her you need first to rid the Lanayru province of the Twilight. There are 24 light bugs for you to collect and I am going to give away the locations of a few. Both golden ants are in Kakariko Village; one is in the graveyard and the other is in one of the houses. Another set, the snails, is located in the secret grove, one is under the entrance and the other is in the Temple of Time also located there. but you can only access the Temple of Time when you are trying to find the third Mirror Shard. For every light bug you give to agatha she will give you 50 rupees and for every pair you collect she will give you a 100 rupees. That is all for now. BELIVE IN THE TRIFORCE!