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Providing Something New?

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  • Everyone has opinions, and some are more feasible than others. Perhaps TES Online could provide something that has yet to be done: compatibility between Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

    Many people (I've conducted an intensive study through the released screenshot feed on Facebook) seem to think the idea of another WOW clone is going to rock the world off its axis, issue in a new ice age, cause another global financial meltdown, and make Kim Kardashian less annoying .

    When I suggest making an MMO that is compatible with the gaming trifecta, I don’t really know what I’m asking. Perhaps the human race isn’t ready for it yet, but it’s a niche that no one has filled yet. Whether or not Microsoft and Sony are willing to agree to a one game truce, is another matter. Tying three networks together may be too much to ask for, but hey, the first person to hold this holy grail…well…holds this holy grail. Whichever company is the first to succeed here will go down in that annals of Wikipedia in the same way Half-Life went down for the FPS. Why not Zenimax, and why not now?

    If that’s too unreasonable, then perhaps I can make a request for M’aiq’s reappearance and - sweet Moses -no "arrow in the knee" lines.


  • I for one can't wait to see this game in action.  I've been the harold it's arrival since I played Morrowind over 10 years ago. I tend to lean more toward PC's for MMOs based on the control style that most present.  If ESO can pull off controller controls for the 360 or PS3 that would be pretty freakin' Awesome.

  • I like the idea. Still, even though it's going to take quite some time I think that's something that should be done with the next generation of consoles.

  • I really hate to be the naysayer, but both the xbox and the PS3 have about 512MB of RAM.  Along with other hardware constraints, I just really don't think that the current console generation can handle an MMO, but perhaps the next generation will be able to? I like the idea, if done right, but I just don't see it working for another few years.

    I can't wait for ESO to be released though!!!!! I wonder if they will black-list the name Tiber Septim? Haha, 1st Emporer here we come xD.

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