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  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Forges A New Destiny For Online Shooters

    New York City has always been able to take one on the chin and get back up. September 11, Hurricane Sandy, the Fear City crime waves of the 1970s - no matter what the world has thrown at the Big Apple, its denizens always come back stronger and more determined. But after a designer virus hits the city... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Sets Up The Story Without Gameplay

    The latest trailer for The Division details how "The Dark Zone" came to be. It explains why there are so few civilians, and so many caches of powerful weapons left lying about in a city that is being forcibly forgotten by the rest of the world. And it does it all without gameplay. For more... More
  • Blog Post: Gaze Into The Apocalypse With Screens From The Division

    The world of The Division is a bleak place. After being ravaged by disease, everything is broken and crumbling. All of the bullets flying everywhere probably aren't helping matters. Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter isn't just about racking up a kill count; it's a strategic third-person shooter... More
  • Blog Post: PvP Will Be Integrated Into The Story

    Ubisoft is becoming adept at E3 surprises. In 2012, Watch Dogs wowed the gaming community. This year belonged to Tom Clancy's The Division. In a new question and answer post on the UbiBlog , The Division game director Ryan Barnard answers some questions about how the next-generation game is taking... More
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