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  • Blog Post: More Than An Iota Of Charm

    I love games, but I seem to spend an undue amount of time around virtual jerks. Foul-mouthed criminals, shouting marines, evil nemeses of various stripes – it gets old after awhile. Thank god for Media Molecule. The English studio, which won acclaim for the LittleBigPlanet series, has a knack for... More
  • Blog Post: New Developer Diary Details Tearaway's Papercraft Community

    One of the reasons Tearaway does such a good job of emulating papercraft, is that nothing goes into the game if it can't be built in real life. Everything that appears in the game is cut, folded, and glued together before it ever gets translated to digital, and Media Molecule is hopeful that the... More
  • Blog Post: Media Molecule’s New Game Utilizes Vita’s Full Capabilities

    I’m looking out upon the papercraft landscapes of Tearaway through a window in its sun. With my guidance, a tiny paper being sets out on a journey to deliver an important message. Together, we’ll put together an exciting new story for the residents of the game’s colorful world. Tearaway... More
  • Blog Post: Looking Adorable In New Screens And Trailer

    Amid the big blockbusters and new consoles this fall, Media Molecule's ingenious Vita papercraft platformer Tearaway could still be one of the highlights of the season. It's got imagination, innovative ideas and, as you'll see, charm for miles. Let's hope it lives up to expectations. More
  • Blog Post: Unfolding The Tactile World Of Media Molecule's Vita Platformer

    Media Molecule excels at delivering titles with a unique, hand-crafted aesthetic and entertaining platforming. The developer’s upcoming Vita title, Tearaway, combines a papercraft world , 3D exploration, and a charming touch-enabled twist. Players interact with the game by tapping the front and... More
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