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  • Blog Post: An ADD Gamer's Delight

    First, I'm not making fun of people with ADD so calm down. I'm merely saying that to illustrate how much crap is thrown at you in this game at any one time, and requires the player to constantly shift their attention from one threat to another while simultaneously utilizing several abilities... More
  • Blog Post: Its Great

    This game is really fun! Yet the story mode is really really short. This game has fun online though. It isn't like call of duty with free for all its little co-op missions that are fun, competitive, and will make you feel important. You have to help your friends the whole time or they will die. So... More
  • Blog Post: Spiraling towards victory.

    Not only does this game provide endless re-playability, but also just has that great game feel that makes you collection complete. So far the graphics are crisp and nice looking. At first your wandering why you in a chair getting you ass beat by some random guy who doesn't know what he wants then... More
  • Blog Post: Cyber Punks

    Score: 8.25 / 10 Syndicate PC - PS3 - Xbox 360 Developer : Starbreeze Studios Publisher : EA Release Date : February 21st, 2012 Pros: Cyberpunk atmosphere is captured perfectly Sound design is top notch AI is smart and constantly adapts Co-op is an enjoyable, oftentimes addictive experience Cons: A short... More
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