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  • Blog Post: State of Decay: The Icing of the Zombie Games

    Hiding in a bush with a weapon that is just about to break, a horde of zombies slowly walking by and a zombie just of camera walks into the bush and exposes you, then you run. State of Decay is the first zombie survival game which has felt like you are actually trying to survive against the odds. State... More
  • Blog Post: The glamour of the old timers

    For starters I'm not a huge zombie fan, but I love strategy as well as third person titles with vast open worlds to explore and so on. State of Decay surprised me for the freedom it gives to players, the fact that you can actually die after 8 hours or so in the game - after a painful run to upgrading... More
  • Blog Post: Why State of Decay is one of the best zombie games out thereL

    State of Decay is in one word: Amazing. State of Decay mixes brutal, fun combat with controlling your main base, all while doing multitudes of sidequests and other things. State of Decay is not very pretty, and there are multiple glitches. But the core gameplay outweighs the problems. More
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