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Sell you key to the chinese

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Sell you key to the chinese

First if you bought this game HA HA HA, you just got taken for 60 bucks.  This game sucks.  It needs to be rated a 5.5 not a 10.  First reason is that Blizzard has embraced the chinese version of free speech. Whats that? Oh china dont have free speech and neither does sc2.  They took the game with one of if not the largest online gaming community and killed it.  So hopefully you enjoy gaming with what might as well be nameless opponents in that dark cave they call bnet 2.blow.   Next reason not to buy this game.  Use of your real name and being locked into 1 permanent name.   3/4 of the fun of playing old starcraft was chatting with friend, making gaming teams or clans and challenging other nooby teams and having fun for hours.  Well since there no talking aloud, and no meeting new/other gamers, that isnt going to happen.  Now the people who you want to play with your forced to give out your real name.  You know, giving out your name when ID theft is at its highest peak ever sounds like a brilliant idea.  Plus the main way to gather starcraft friends is through facebook.  I dont know about you but the poeple I have on facebook sure arent going to be the same people I play video games with.  It's also not anyone elses buisness what games I play in general.  So I guess if you hate freedom and the freeworld with its pesky freespeech garbage then this game is ideal for you, as for the rest of us real gamers, we just got taken for 60 bucks for a half a game that isnt worth putting in play unless your in an anti-social mood.

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