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How To Convert Enemy Units in SC2

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

How To Convert Enemy Units in SC2

I know that i previously wrote a guide that stated that there is no unit conversion in SC2


well i was wrong


It Turns out that i was wrong.

In the previous Starcraft the protoss was the race to go to for conversion.

But it turns out that in SC2 the Zerg are the ones that convert

Now it took a long time for me to figure it out (even longer to successfully pull it off)

However the zerg have a unit called the infestor

Once upgraded this unit has an attack that is capable of temporarily (extremely temporary) controling another unit

Now the obvious use is in controlling enemy attack units


if you use this attack to control.....say.... a terran SCV then you can (for a very short time) tell it to construct a base.

once a base is built you can then produce more scv's THAT ARE PERMANENTLY YOURS AND CAN BUILD ALL THE TERRAN BUILDINGS

the only problem?

Like i said this attack only controls the target unit for like 5 seconds or so, so you have to keep re-engaging said SCV over and over.  and once the enemy figures out what's up they'll be sending a whole lotta guys after you, and the infestor is incredibly fragile

Suggested strategy, pick out a strageller or scout SCV that's all on it's own.

Or cheat, whatever

Obviously this also works on Protoss Probes as well.

Doing this i actually managed (after hours of trying) to get The Axis Of Awesome

quick question:

have you ever seen an army of Archons, Ultralisks, and battlecruiser's heading toward you?

You'll crap your pants