This is by far my favorite game of all time. I have played this game over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. However I have almost always gone for a few specific characters.


First who I would never play.

First Kreia: I hate Kreia she is force savvy yet she has no combat abilities and she slowly becomes more and more useless character the  only ONLY reason I would suggest her is to do the lvl 20 without fighting anyone trick.. It is her only redeeming feature.

Second T3-M4: he is a horrible character and all of his attribute points should be spent on intelligence. All of the skill points should be used on computer and repair skills.

Third Atton: I don't know why I don't use him. I really just don't find him as a good character.


Now for the ones I always use (excluding your character)

First Mandolore: Mandolore is a BEAST! Give him your best swords and upgrade his armor to the max. I would never not use him.

Second Bao-Dur: Bao-Dur is like if you took T3-M4 and Mandolore and put them together and divide it by 2. That is Bao-Dur in a nutshell.

Third Handmaiden: Handmaiden she is a very helpful character and can become a jedi.


And that is my list if you find that my list should be changed in anyway respond to this