Am I the only one that has a staggering amount of problems with this game? I'm thinking that must be the case since it received a good review. Let me make this as easy as I can.

I got the game for the PS3 the day it came out.

1-Right off the bat I had to delete my local content because the files were corrupt just by putting the disc in.

2- I had and still have A / V desynchronization.

3-My attacks and blocks in combat have been screwed multiple times due to a lack of glint or notification, or simply a long pause until I hit a button that then finally registers (usually as a failure).

4-Faulty loading when I go into an area or when I complete a mission.  I went to the woods and got the Forest Group as friends, on my way back out of the woods my parents showed up but would not take me home. After wandering around I went back to the Group where a mission finally updated. I then left that area to find my parents now able to take me home.

5-I attempted to complete as many side missions as possible before furthering the main quests only to screw the game up so bad that it skipped the entire school battle against the humans. (My friend has the PC version and told me about it) Otherwise I had no idea why half the kids hated me, and why Clyde does what he does (trying not to spoil anything) and the PTA final mission is frozen so that I can't complete it. I was also able to use Buddies Eric and Kyle before I was supposed to be able to due to this problem. I also still don't have access to the special classes that came with the preorder.

All this, plus more I can't currently remember, along with the ridiculous load times and video lag when I load into some areas... I love the game, but what the crap is wrong with my copy? I wonder how much I've missed let alone how I've pushed through all the problems.

Anyone else have these issues?