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  • Blog Post: Simcity is the new Mayor

    Attempting to step up from previous Simcity titles was Maxis' goal during the development of the reboot of the franchise. They not only excelled wonderfully, but also crafted an experience that never deteriorates with each playthrough. At the beginning of the game, you're greeted with a tutorial... More
  • Blog Post: SimCity: Frustrated Incorporated

    My first Game Informer review was for a game I had never played a single entry in the franchise prior and ended up loving it to no end, and I rank it in my top 10 of all time. In that review, I said I rarely write reviews and if I do, I either loved the game so much I felt I needed to share my experience... More
  • Blog Post: Disaster

    Take one of the most beloved PC franchises and completely and disastrously ruin it and that is the new Sim City. Set aside the huge pain in the ass always online requirement, and the terrible server issues and the game is still extremely buggy. There are extreme AI pat finding issues that make creating... More
  • Blog Post: A major dissapointment for newcomers and especially diehards

    Thanks a lot, EA. You just messed with the wrong franchise. At least we don't have to BUY it with your stupid Origin "service". The Origin account and constant internet connection are VERY stupid choices to make and will make this game fail miserably. The "Multiplayer" isn't... More
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