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  • Blog Post: Aliens Don't Stand A Chance Against This Super-Powered President

    Saints Row IV's launch trailer begins with a Commander Shepard-like motivational speech. Then comes the excessive swearing. If you haven't yet, read our review of the game, check out our Test Chamber , and then watch the launch trailer below. It features an eagle airplane, nods to Metal Gear... More
  • Blog Post: Four Famous Presidents Are Tearing Up Steelport

    We already know that Volition is putting players in the Oval Office in Saints Row IV . Now the developer is pushing presidential role-playing a step or four further. If you pre-order Saints Row IV at GameStop and grab your copy within two days of release, you’ll receive the Presidential Pack DLC... More
  • Blog Post: New Saints Row IV Developer Diary Focuses On Characters

    The latest developer diary for Saints Row IV covers the characters and their respective voice actors. The video speaks with Troy Baker, who is quickly becoming the new Nolan North (or the other Nolan North) of video game voice actors, Daniel Dae Kim, perhaps best known from LOST , Terry Crews, and Steve... More
  • Blog Post: Superpowers Can Be A Blessing And A Curse

    When Volition was still under the THQ banner, then-president Jason Rubin took a look at the Enter the Dominatrix expansion for Saints Row: The Third and determined that its additions to warranted a full-fledged sequel. Now that it’s a stand-alone experience, this entry in the franchise attempts... More
  • Blog Post: Third Dev Diary Is About Weapons And Superpowers

    In exactly one week, Saints Row IV will be upon us. In order to ensure that you are properly prepared, Deep Silver and Volition have provided a third developer diary and an infographic unlike any you've seen before. The video below showcases some of the absurd weapons you'll encounter, including... More
  • Blog Post: Saints Row 4: Inauguration Station Gives You A Head Start On Character Creation

    Much like Saint's Row: The Third's Initiation Station , Saints Row 4's Inauguration Station will let players get in and create their character before the game's release. With the app, you can start from scratch, or upload your Saint's Row: The Third character and tweak them for IV... More
  • Blog Post: Saints Row IV's First Dev Diary Is 'Beautifully Stupid'

    Saints Row IV is just 18 days away, and the team at Volition has put together the first developer diary for the title. In the two-minute video you'll get a refresher on where the series has been and a glimpse of where it is going . There is a lot of absurdity in the Saints Row series, especially... More
  • Blog Post: Emperor Zinyak Declares The Game Of The Generation

    Deep Silver and Volition are never satisfied. Sure, everyone who pre-orders Saints Row IV gets the Commander in Chief bonuses. For the collectors, there's already the Super Dangerous Wub Wub edition with a real life (non-lethal) dubstep gun. Now, alien leader Emperor Zinyak is taking matters into... More
  • Blog Post: Purple Goes Gold, Season Pass Detailed, Weapon Of Mass Abduction On Display

    In the latest Saints Row IV Hail to the Chief video, we see our hero turn the alien's tech against an innocent dump truck. We've used the black hole gun, and we've made pedestrians do the robot with the dub step gun. Now, it's time to get extraterrestrial. See the abduction gun in action... More
  • Blog Post: Hail To The Chief… Again

    In the tradition of Saints Row: The Third's "Steelport Memories" trailers, Deep Silver and Volition offer up another installment of in the " Hail to the Chief " series. This time, no puny human is safe from the torment of Giga-Mascot. Wearing a fuzzy mascot suit isn't anything... More
  • Blog Post: Johnny Gat Looks Spry For A Dead Guy

    After taking one for the team at the beginning of Saints Row: The Third , it seemed like one of the Saints' most important members would only live on as a memory. Deep Silver and Volition are upping the comic book ante on Saints Row IV, though. Gat is back. Yesterday, Deep Silver announced that Johnny... More
  • Blog Post: Deep Silver Reveals The Return Of Johnny Gat

    Saints Row publisher Deep Silver has shared something new for the upcoming fourth entry in Volition's over the top sandbox series . It started with a blurry tease that led into the biggest character announcement for the title yet. Johnny Gat will make his return to stand by the Saints' side against... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Minutes In Steelport Isn't Enough

    If you played Saints Row: The Third, you know that Volition believes in going big early. The opening to that game was one of the craziest intros I can recall ever playing through. Saints Row IV is going to trump that. In the following video, you'll hear from senior producer Jim Boone. Boone will... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2013 Trailer Shows Off The President... All Of Him

    It has begun! The first E3 trailers are rolling in, and the bar is already set high. Deep Silver and Volition have delivered the latest for Saints Row IV. In the latest trailer, we see more of the President than we probably need to as he awakens in the Zin simulation. As he fights his way out, we get... More
  • Blog Post: Volition and Deep Silver Introduce Hail To The Chief Video Series

    With Saints Row: The Third, Volition set its Saints Row series apart from other open-world action games. In the lead up to that title's release, the studio created a series of "Steelport Memories" videos that showed off the absurd situations in which players would find themselves. Publisher... More
  • Blog Post: Dubstep Guns, Monster Trucks, And Super Powers In Seven Minutes Of Gameplay

    When critics and fans pinned descriptors like "absurd" and "over-the-top" and "running around pantsless," we didn't really intend them to be a challenge. Volition, bolstered and encouraged by new publisher Deep Silver, have interpreted the praise just so. The curtain... More
  • Blog Post: Oh Saints Can You See The President In Action

    Volition's Saints Row: The Third was one of the most absurd, over the top experiences of this generation. When THQ bumped a planned super-powered, alien infested expansion pack in favor of waiting for the next retail installment, there was much lamenting. Thankfully, it seems like it's been worth... More
  • Blog Post: Deep Silver Shows Off Ridiculous Saints Row IV Gameplay

    What was once planned as downloadable content is now a full-fledged sequel, and new publisher Deep Silver debuted the first gameplay demo of Saints Row IV at PAX East. In a room at the Westin hotel in Boston, developer Volition ran through some features and abilities that gamers can look forward to in... More
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