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  • Blog Post: Promising Until The Final Blow

    When protagonist Marius Titus lowers a foe’s defenses and goes in for the kill, the speed of the fray slows to a crawl, giving us a good look at why Ryse: Son of Rome will simultaneously draw gawking glances and be rendered unappealing. In this measured moment, we see Marius’ segmented armor... More
  • Blog Post: The Killing Fields Of Ryse: Son Of Rome

    The latest videos for Ryse: Son of Rome take you through some of the locations in which you'll wage your war. Rome York The Haunted Swamps Unfortunately, Dan's early opinion of the game isn't much. Ryse: Son of Rome hits with the Xbox One on November 22. More
  • Blog Post: Ryse: Son Of Rome Is As Fun As Dialing Phone Numbers

    If you’ve ever watched Lost , you’re familiar with the character of Desmond Hume. The former monk was stranded on the series’ mysterious island, and was tasked with repeatedly pressing the same series of buttons on a keyboard for weeks at a time. Why he had to do that is still pretty... More
  • Blog Post: Pair Of Trailers Tell Tales Of Revenge

    When it comes to character motivation for a video game, revenge is tough to beat. Do you think we'd still be talking about Kratos if he mourned his losses quietly, like the rest of us have to? Ryse: Son of Rome is capitalizing on that idea, and a pair of new trailers show two different takes on vengeance... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Goes Deep On Combat

    In a new video documentary, the Ryse: Son of Rome team details the intricacies of combat. One thing becomes clear quickly, hacking and slashing is only going to get Marius Titus killed. To make the sword-and-board combat feel authentic, Crytek worked with a weapons master. This generated animations and... More
  • Blog Post: Entering The Arena With A Buddy

    Yesterday we played Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome and got a feel for the basics of combat and the execution-based perks system . Today at a pre-Gamescom 2013 event in Cologne, Germany, we tested out the two-player co-op mode. Another player and I stepped into the arena and faced waves of enemies while... More
  • Blog Post: Testing Out The Brutal Combat

    Adaptability is key to becoming a good soldier, and that sentiment is at play in Crytek’s bloody Roman action game, Ryse. Players battle in third-person using a sword and shield, but a selection of perks activate various enhancements like life regeneration and boosted damage. We sat down with Crytek... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Shares New Ryse: Son Of Rome Story And Character Details

    Ryse's cinematics director Peter Gornstein and producers Michael Read and Justin Robey were on hand at Comic Con to talk about the narrative details of the Xbox One's gladiatorial launch title. Ryse follows the story of Marius Titus, a Roman solider whose family was murdered by barbarians of... More
  • Blog Post: In Depth On Combat

    Ryse has taken advantage of this year's E3 to reveal an extended demo of Ryse: Son of Rome, which you can watch in its entirety . We sat down with the Crytek development team and quizzed them on how the combat system works, and learned how the many interlocking systems all support a visceral melee... More
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