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  • Blog Post: I Love These Games

    Even better than the first one. Even my wife plays it with me. More
  • Blog Post: Another RE

    Good game...but just cant handle how many RE's there are More
  • Blog Post: The Darkside shall rise...

    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is the sequel to the well-received light gun Wii exclusive Umbrella Chronicles. Instead of going through RE 1,3, and 0, the game fills in the plot points from RE2, CODE: Veronica, and includes a special chapter documenting Leon Kennedy's first and only mission... More
  • Blog Post: A Concise And Possibly More Realistic Visit To Classics

    Off the bat, I'm a huge RE fan; read all the books, completed all the games. So upon hearing a remake on the Wii I happily hopped aboard. This game does each game justice in correctly acknowledging story vital points which ultimately leads to a wholesome and satisfying 'remake'. I say 'remake'... More
  • Blog Post: A Week with Zombies Part 1: Resident Evil Dark Side Chronicles

    While I’ve already covered a week with games I’ve played on the Playstation 3, it’s best that this next topic be one of grave (snickers) importance! Zombies are the greatest plague of man kind (next to mimes) and everyone should get some practice in killing them, zombies no mimes, before... More
  • Blog Post: RE: Darkside

    Just Bought This Game And All I Can Say Is WOW! It is a great retelling of the original Resident Evil stories. Sure the premise is easy, just point, shoot, reload, repeat but you find yourself still playing for hours on end. But there was a problem with the graphics, the cutscenes were really good but... More
  • Blog Post: A Worthy Title Inspired by Arcade Shooters

    This is all I need to express my thoughts on this game: Fans and people in need of a solid shooter on the Wii should look no further; it works! Nuff said. Actually, not. There's a lot to be said about The Darkside Chronicles , apart from it being a shooter that actually uses the wiimote successfully... More
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