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Unlocking Avatar Awards

Red Dead Redemption

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Unlocking Avatar Awards

Red Dead Redemption

Avatar Awards

Red Dead Redemption has 9 avatar awards to be earned.  List them here as they are discovered

1.  Sombrero - Unlocked by shooting a hat off an enemies head.  When I unlocked this award I was riding  my horse, shooting my pistol at an enemy riding his horse while using dead eye slow.  I'm not sure how much of this is required to earn the award so please update if you figure out it's less complicated.  : )

*junebug217 says - This was unlocked to me at the TESORO AZUL gang hideout in Free Roam. I happened to shoot off one of the banditos sombrero and the avatar award popped up. Don't know if the award is specific to a certain hat, but I'm pretty positive that it is awarded due to a "hat shot". Hope that helps!

*mitchmark94 says - When I unlocked this, I had pushed someone to the ground and I accidentally shot my gun into the air. It sounds nothing like how you unlocked it, but that's all I remember.

2. Red Dead Redemption T-Shirt - Search the Container in the broken down house in Riley's Charge.

3. Black T-Shirt with yellow Rockstar logo - SPOILER! ONLY READ WHEN REACHED BEECHERS HOPE OR FINISHED STORY LINE! SPOILER! - Okay, go inside your farm in Beecher's Hope, go to the kitchen, on the left when you come in the kitchen there is a ladder, go up and open the chest, you will get your avatar award.

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