Ratchet and Clank have gone on many adventures, but not one as dangerous, rewarding, or exciting as this one. And a few deaths along with it. So, to make sure you stay alive and have a great adventure, here is a guide that will give you everything you need to know in... RATCHET AND CLANK: A CRACK IN TIME Unknown location*: Clank wakes in a momonic station in an unknown location and realizes he has been captured by non-other then Dr. Nefarious (play Up Your Arsenal for more info on Dr. Nefarious). As Dr. Nefarious lets out the HYPER SONIC BRAINWAVE SCRAMBLER on the Zoni, Clank escapes and runs out the door to escape the doctor's clutches. This is where it begins...  Start by running forward and following the path, while avoiding the Drones fire. You can get harmed in the first segament, but it is unlikely if you time it right. Go through the air vent, complete the caretakers instructions, and go out the door, following the path to the other side. Watch out for gaps in the floor and you should be okay. Come back later when you have the Septer to fix planet Jasindu. The safest way to go through some of the zones is when the BRAINWAVE SCRAMBLER is let into the rooms to slow down time. Jump over all the long gaps in the rest of the area while beating up the smaller robots who fly at you. Once you get to the closet with the caretaker, climb up the stairs and end the level. *The Great Clock: Section 1 NOT COMPLETE! I WILL ADD MORE LATER!