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  • Blog Post: Portal Jr.

    Quantum Conundrum is a fairly simple game of child friendly puzzles requiring a lot of thinking, and patience. I like this game due to the humor and one-liners that help you out (sort of.) Like Portal this game has no story line,but tried. The other down-side is the controls. I found them very clunky... More
  • Blog Post: DownPlay Reviews Returns - Quantum Conundrum

    Due to this time of years astoundingly barren release schedule, I reached back a few months for something to review for the fear of starving from lack of new releases while I wait cautiously for Fall Of Cybertron. What I found was Quantum Conundrum, a first person physics puzzler featuring a silent protagonist... More
  • Blog Post: Portal + Psychonauts x Ratchet & Clank / Pixar = Quantum Conundrum

    I've only played 33% of this game, and I'm already full enamored with it. The concept of switching dimensions is fresh and incredibly solid. The art direction has the feel of a Ratchet title with a coat of Pixar paint. The mansion itself is spacious and uses the primary colors to designate what... More
  • Blog Post: Clever, funny, adorable...and with 99.6% more Q!

    I've been keeping an eye on this game ever since Kim Swift revealed that she and Airtight had been working on it during E3 and now that it's out, I'm relieved to say that I wasn't disappointed. One thing I didn't know about was John De Lancie's involvement. Hearing him narrate... More
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