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  • Blog Post: Japan Studio Delivers A Rousing Stage Performance

    With all the talk of next-gen systems and the holiday's upcoming blockbusters, Puppeteer hasn't had a lot of time in the spotlight. Thankfully, Japan Studio's quirky platformer doesn't need long to draw its audience in; while the unique gameplay mechanics wear thin in the last few hours... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Creates Real Life Puppeteer Stage

    Puppeteer is coming to PSN and retail next week, and Sony hosted an event with a Puppeteer stage, inviting people to come on stage and improvise. You can check out one of the videos below, and there are 14 others on on the official Puppeteer YouTube channel . It's certainly one of the stranger ways... More
  • Blog Post: Cutting A New Trailer For The PS3 Platformer

    Watching trailers in different languages can often make games seem bizarre or surreal, but this effect seems to compounded in the latest video for Puppeteer. The game is a crafty, unconventional platformer with strange bosses and heads with special powers . When you add in a variety of levels and the... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The Bosses Of Puppeteer

    The PlayStation 3 exclusive Puppeteer is about a month away, and to build excitement Sony has revealed details on some of the game's bosses. Above you will see Generals Horse, Snake, and Cobra (their names aren't very creative), and in the gallery below you can find Generals Tiger, Rat, and Pig... More
  • Blog Post: Preview Shows Off Various Abilities Of 'Heads'

    A new video with comments from Puppeteer's art director, Gavin Moore, show off the beautiful design of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive. Heads will roll in Puppeteer— but that's ok. You can always pop on a new one. Lead character Kutaro can discover over 100 different heads in Puppeteer... More
  • Blog Post: Puppeteer Strings Us Along With New Screenshots And Box Art

    Update: We've embedded the trailer from the PlayStation Blog story. Realism certainly has its place in the gaming ecosystem, but when an aesthetic style like the one in Sony Japan Studio's Puppeteer comes along, it's hard not to take notice. We’ve got two new screenshots and the box... More
  • Blog Post: Puppeteer Continues To Look Impressive

    Sony has a ton of great-looking titles coming out next year, such as Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, and The Last of Us. But the one game that stands out to me is Puppeteer. While it's great the industry continues to strive for realism and push boundaries, sometimes it's nice to get... More
  • Blog Post: New Puppeteer Trailer

    We have new trailer for Puppeteer, the upcoming platformer from Sony's Japan studio. Players take control of Kutaro where they must escape the Moon Bear King's dungeon. Be sure to check out Jeff Cork's preview from Gamescom for more on how the game plays. Puppeteer is out in 2013 for PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Puppeteer Reveals The Next Stage On PS3

    Puppeteer’s hero, Kutaro, has to escape from the Moon Bear King’s dungeon to an oversized kitchen and beyond. Of course he has to replace his head first. As though getting turned from a boy into a puppet wasn’t humiliating enough, the Moon Bear King tears off Kutaro’s head and... More
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