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  • Blog Post: Enjoyable,with lots of epic action and explosions and blood and interesting Sci Fi concepts.

    Prototype 2 was a solid and somewhat of an awesome experience,without being memorable. It's a sandbox action/adventure game.I like how right from the start of the game,your character has the ability to run up the side of buildings and can glide to make travelling around the city feel fast and fun... More
  • Blog Post: Surpasses the Sequel, But Not By Much

    Being able to morph body parts into any number of weapons seems like the perfect game, but an occasional frame rate issue or frustrating game play make the game less successful than it should be. In Prototype 2, the gamer plays as James Heller, returning from discovering his family has been killed and... More
  • Blog Post: This Experiment is a Success

    14 months after the events of the first Prototype, disaster still reigns in New York City, now called New York Zone. Thousands of infected transformed by the Blacklight virus roam the streets, and Blackwatch continues to hide its sinister motives from the general public. However, Prototype 2 isn't... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 delivers like the first game!!

    I know lot of people didn't like the repetitiveness of Prototype 1, I enjoyed it though. This game doesn't have that, much. Prototype 2 was an excellent game, well made to surpass it's predecessor, it was fun, addictive, and had that creepy tone like the first had. The narrative, and voice... More
  • Blog Post: The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Prototype 2.

    Prototype has always been a game that I would go to in order to blow off steam and have a good time. The ability to kill anything with a pulse and bring total destruction to the world around you with awesome powers just screamed “satisfaction”. However, due to the games rather constant difficulty... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 (spoiler alert kinda)

    Prototype 2 has done a terrific job of embellishing and building on strengths of the original while rectifying all the weak spots of Prototype one. I'm sure there's nothing I can point out before that you haven't heard already so I'll just give a list of my pros and cons here. Pros: Graphics... More
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