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  • Blog Post: Fun at first

    This game was great at first, I was totally addicted. But as I get better stuff, the rewards are less. Once, I spent all my Bux on a nice plane, only to discover that it could only land at lvl 2 airports. (which are incredibly expensive) The more you expand, the harder it gets, which is this games only... More
  • Blog Post: The Lack of Turbulence Makes this Flight Safe but Boring

    Like many people, I enjoy a casual game now and then. From Bejeweled to Rage of Bahamut, my mobile devices have entertained me with minimalist games that at first draw me in, but soon lose my interest. It takes a special type of casual game to keep my interest for long periods of time, and I thought... More
  • Blog Post: Yaaaaaaaaay

    First... to be gay... anyways might get this since my vita dies a lot! More
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