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  • Blog Post: Sony's Heavy Hitters Face Off

    By the time SuperBot officially unveiled PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, rumors had been flying for a while about a Sony-branded Smash Bros. clone. Reducing this new fighter to “clone” status is unfair to the final product, but the argument has a base. At first glance, it looks like... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation All-Stars Training Videos Outline Fat Princess And Sly Cooper

    Sony has released a pair of videos offering some training tips and background information on Fat Princess and Sly Cooper. Neither of the characters necessarily control the way you would assume they would, especially Sly. He is not able to block, roll, or evade. Check out the videos below to hear Omar... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's New Combatants

    Sony is slowly revealing details about All-Stars, and we got our hands on Nathan Drake and a Big Daddy in the game, as well as the Vita version. The Big Daddy from BioShock is the slowest character among those playable in the demo, but he's punishing to anyone around him. When he fills his power... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Likely Coming to Vita

    Sony Computer Entertainment of America has registered several domain names referencing its upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and the Vita, implying the Super Smash Bros.-style fighting game may be released on the handheld. The domain names include, PS-AllStarsVita... More
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