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  • Blog Post: A Little Help From My Friends

    Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto told us a while ago that Pikmin 3 is a game about cooking. Fortunately for the squeamish, it’s not in the literal sense; you won’t be julienning the titular creatures and tossing them in a stew. But just as simultaneously preparing several dishes in a kitchen... More
  • Blog Post: Racing The Clock In Pikmin 3’s Mission Mode

    Nintendo let us try out Pikmin 3’s campaign mode during last year’s E3, and now the company is showing off Mission Mode. Players switch between captains Alph, Brittany, and Charlie to gather as much fruit and gold before time expires. We also got some details on the competitive multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Direct Presentation Offers New Pikmin 3 Footage

    As part of Nintendo's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, new footage from Pikmin 3 was shown off. You can find the whole presentation here , but YouTube channels like GameXplain have already pulled the Pikmin 3 sequence out for our viewing pleasure. Check it out below, and look out for Pikmin... More
  • Blog Post: Pikmin 3 Retains Series' Charm In Playable E3 Outing

    Update: Screens and trailer added. When it comes to first-party offerings, Nintendo didn’t have a whole lot on display during their E3 2012 press conference. New Super Mario Bros. U looks predictably great, but the publisher spent a large amount of time (and closed the show) with the lackluster... More
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