So I've been hearing great things about paper, please and I've been looking into purchasing it for a little while now.  But the problem is, is this worth $10?  

Well some like to thing that it is every bit worth the cost to play the game for more than an hour, because they find looking for the details in the documents fun and interesting while also enjoying the story behind the scenes and seeing how the choices you've made affect not only your world but the world around you.

The only down side to the game it would seem is little actual game play, in terms of there is just little you can do while sitting behind a desk. As well as  the frustration that comes with sitting behind a desk all day looking at papers and making simple decisions.  Getting your pay docked for making one mistake and then your kid dying because of that.

So the question is for a casual gamer like myself, is the purchase of this game going to be worth it or not?  I guess it also come down too can I enjoy the story enough to look past the simple tasks at hand and keep my cool enough to not punch my computer screen while playing the game.