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  • Blog Post: Paper Mario Sticker Star: A Good Adventure with a Few Creases

    Mario’s papery adventures have delighted gamers of all ages for years on consoles, and his last outing on handhelds can be considered no less of a worth series entry. Though Paper Mario: Sticker Star is admittedly not without its flaws of strained combat and a reduced story, it’s nonetheless... More
  • Blog Post: The Next Step to a Changing Franchise

    I have fallen in love with the series after the 64 and GCN installments. They both rank in the top ten of my favorite games ever. While Super Paper Mario is still a great game, it didn't feel as good as the original two. When news dropped of a turn-based Paper Mario game for the 3DS, I was ecstatic... More
  • Blog Post: Paper Mario Sticker Star - Extreme RPG Lite

    I played the original Paper Mario on the 64 but never had time to complete it because, sadly, I never owned a 64 as a child. Some years later I did download it from the Wii shop and played it a bit, but never took the time to finish it. Before that I played through The Thousand Year Door and fell in... More
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