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  • Blog Post: Not The Complete Product

    Diligent recruiting is the precursor to success on the field. Well, that and a little luck. However, as much effort as NCAA 14 puts into building up its program, it doesn't all translate on game day. The development team worked on additions on both sides of the ball, but I found the on-the-field... More
  • Blog Post: Bolstering Its Blue-Chip Prospects?

    The phone call has been the centerpiece of NCAA's recruiting system since 2008, but series producer Ben Haumiller says it was never really meant to be that way. The mechanic was originally supposed to be a first step in a larger process, but somewhere along the way developer EA Tiburon became unwittingly... More
  • Blog Post: The Ultimate College Football Team

    EA Sports' Ultimate Team mode is finally coming to NCAA, and thankfully your deck won't be filled with QB #6 and HB #23, but with real-life football players. In the Ultimate Team mode, you get a starter pack of player cards with which you play real games with in order to earn coins to buy more... More
  • Blog Post: NCAA 14 Presentation Details & New Screens

    As part of developer EA Tiburon's playbook series, today's reveal focuses on NCAA 14's presentation package and how it's going to streamline the user experience. NCAA 13 was filled with college-atmosphere moments like mascots and traditional team-specific aspects, but the developers felt... More
  • Blog Post: NCAA 14 Debuts The Next Iteration Of The Infinity Engine

    Update: Read about some of NCAA 14's new gameplay features, as well as see it in action with the title's new trailer. -------------------------------------- Last year, NCAA overhauled its passing game. The gameplay makeover continues in NCAA Football 14, due out July 9th for the PlayStation 3... More
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