This only going to be one guide, but it should explain all aspects of the game and its new controls style for XBOX 360 and PS3. 



NBA 2K13 has been out for six days. Not only is this basketball simulation impressive, but it’s just downright fun. The authenticity of the way players actually play like their real-life counterparts is incredible. Not only is the computer great at emulating real-life players, but the way that the user can now control players makes the game that much better. A whole new control scheme has graced the NBA 2K series, and has pushed the game to a whole new level. 

Here are my top five control changes in NBA 2K13:


5. The Flop- I could have sworn I had seen it all, until NBA 2K13 added a flop button. In the NBA, players flop all the time. Adding a button to do it in NBA 2K13 is comical and realistic at the same time. Sometimes you will get a whistle for, or against you when using the flop. In most cases, there will be no whistle, which is a good thing because the flop isn’t overpowered. It changes the way some computer players play, especially if they have the charge card signature skill. Overall, the flop button adds a different dimension to the game’s realism. 


4. Hop-Step- Turning the hop-step into a single button that the user can utilize any time that they want was a great idea. With default controls last year, NBA 2K12 only allowed for the hop-step move to be made within a lay-up animation or an escape-dribble jump shot. This year, NBA 2K13 allows for users to press a single button that results in a realistic hop-step. You can combine this button with the shot button to create hop-step jumpers and lay-ups. Providing us with a separate hop-step button, 2K13 gives users an edge to be able to perform a nice move to create space for a score.




3. Alley-Oop- Not a huge change in terms of it’s effect, but the new alley-oop button combination is a lot more user-friendly. In NBA 2K12, the alley-oop was a combination of holding the modifier and pressing the fake pass button. Although many would say that last year’s button combination wasn’t difficult, I still believe that this yearNBA 2K13 has made it easier. To perform an alley-oop in NBA 2K13, you press the shot and pass buttons simultaneously. It makes more sense that combining the shot and pass button would lead to something like an alley-oop. 


2. Manual Bounce Pass- This new control could easily compete for the best control change for me. I can remember constant situations in NBA 2K12, where I would have loved to have this control. Picture a two-on-one fast break. Now, in last year’s game, throwing a pass to that player running with you was a near turnover almost every time. This year, NBA 2K13 allows for manual bounce passing by holding the modifier, and hitting the pass button. Dropping a perfectly timed bounce pass on a fast break, or off of a pick and roll is incredibly satisfying.




1. Right Analog Stick Dribbling- There is nothing better in a basketball game than feeling like you’re in complete control. With the switch from left analog stick iso-motion dribbling in previous versions of 2k, to the new right analog stick dribbling, control has new meaning. Crossovers, in-and-outs, behind-the-backs, and spin moves have all become incredibly smooth and easy to do once you understand how to use the stick. To go along with new ankle-breaking animations and an improved speed and quickness system, executing these moves can create highlights that will leave players jumping out of their seats. Stringing along different types of moves together has never been so smooth in a 2k basketball game.


What new controls do you guys like, dislike, or have comments or questions about?