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Medal of Honor

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  • After watching the extended trailer. I approve this message. 

  • this game looks sweet, i loved all of the earlier ones. and its about time EA came out with this game. and some people say that this game copied off of COD, but thats bull. MOH came out before COD, so you cant throw that one at this new MOH! this game looks beast and will definatly be getting it. in my opinion...i think its gonna be better than COD.....but thats just me.

  • just how Call of Duty 4 set the new bar of Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor is in flight to go over the high jump, once again raising the bar how FPS and MWF is seen and played. MOH with it history of gaming, this one should just about get the job done. One to know is date of release

  • It looks like a Cod copycat, with some added tricks and an improved story. might be getting it.....

  • i saw the review, i think they review the x360 version., are they going to review the ps3 version, maybe the ps3 limited edition with "remastered" MOH: Frontline.

  • I like the game but the lack of maps and guns disapointed me.

  • jeff cook needs to be fired medal of honor is awsome this is the best game in the whole series by far a 7 are kiding me yes levels could have been bigger but then agian there are bigger levels but the fact that Jeff got his butt whopped on the game cuz he cant handel a realistic  FPS doesnt mean we all should have to listen to him ive had the game for about a week now and im an addict for multiplayer and the fact that the story is by far the closest thing to whats really going on now in the world makes it fun to play and you get the feeling if they didnt change the name lol of our enemys there would be a big fuse over this game and make it more popular by the way over 250000 people playing tit already

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