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  • Blog Post: Bullet Dodge, Shoot, Cover, Burst, Cover, Bullet Dodge, Shoot, Die, Restart

    "I was at the end of my rope. I couldn't dodge it any longer. My copy of Fuse was eying me, begging me to review it, but I had one last shot. The last ace up my sleeve. I jumped over the couch in slow motion as my mom asked me what the hell I was doing as HEALTH starts playing." This is... More
  • Blog Post: Max Payne 3 Campaign Review

    Max Payne 3 Developed by Rockstar Vancouver Published by Rockstar Studios, Subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Rated: Mature Released: May 15 th , 2012 Max Payne 3 caters to the adult gamer. Not because of sex, violence (although it’s loaded with it), or ridiculous language (even though that’s... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing. Never a dull moment.

    I loved this game! First off, the game offers many very challenging difficulties that, at times, pushed me to do my best. The combat was very smooth and realistic. For example, activating slow-mo with a dive to the side will result in max landing hard on his side, even depleting a small amount of health... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome back Max

    Max Payne 3's opening scenes waste no time explaining the type of man that that Max is. Addicted to Pain killers and alcohol and still lamenting the loss of his wife This opening scene is to show newcomers and fans alike just exactly how far Max has stooped from his previous adventure. Though lady... More
  • Blog Post: A Quick Good vs. Bad Review for Max Payne 3

    Quick isn't what I do, especially since my reviews usually take me at around an hour or 2 to complete even after taking notes during my playthroughs. However, I'm extremely backed up. I now have 9 other games that I've got to beat and review (though I may not even bother reviewing a couple... More
  • Blog Post: Max Payne 3 - All About Max

    Max Payne 3 has one trait that so many other mindless action games lack - it has character. Or more specifically, one character. Max Payne himself. The above quotes are just a small sampling of some of Payne's social commentary, and makes every minutes of Max Payne 3, even the rare moments when you... More
  • Blog Post: A World of Hurt, Booze, and Bullet Time

    We've been waiting for a while, and the latest installment in the Max Payne series has finally arrived. Questions and skepticism arose when players saw a dramatically-aged Max Payne and a story that seemed to completely abandon the subdued style evoked by the first two entries in favor of a b-movie... More
  • Blog Post: No Payne No Gain

    Max Payne 3 is a beast!!! I just finished the story and let me just say, "Holy Sh1t" it is awesome! Max Payne delivers again and in different ways as well. Here's a few of the key aspects about the game that I thought put it over the top. Story is Full! If you are gamer looking for an intense... More
  • Blog Post: My time With Max

    I recently completed Max Payne 3, and am over all impressed with what i walked away from after completing it. The plot was deep and full of twists and turns that I've come to expect from Rockstar. This is not a big step up from Red Dead Redemption, a game which i enjoyed for hours and hours, and... More
  • Blog Post: G.I. in bed with Rockstar Canada?

    I have several gripes with the new Max Payne 3. Too many to address at the moment, but all of which are duly noted. I will however agree that the single player story is thrilling, I wouldn't go as far to say cutting edge, but entertaining nonetheless. Also the arcade and new york minute spices things... More
  • Blog Post: Honest Opinion

    i really thought it lacked alot, i guess i should give a second try, but afterre discovering MGS 4 over the weekend and then playing this afterwards the game sadly enough felt slow, the action felt lame having to slow down to "bullet time" isnt as fun as i remember it being and quiete honestly... More
  • Blog Post: Here comes the Payne!

    I am a longtime fan of Rockstar as a developer, and have loved playing their masterpieces. One series that I just couldn't get in to was Max Payne. It just felt like a failed attempt at GTA glory when I first played them. That was then, and this is now. From the moment I begun the game until the... More
  • Blog Post: For A Bloated Drug Addict, Max Is A Pretty Impressive Guy

    Max Payne 3 starts with Max staring down at a completely maimed person struggling to escape whatever fate Max's gun has for him. Max's inner monologue kicks in, explaining how he has become just a murderous tool for another employer. This scene sets the tone of a game that certainly has a specific... More
  • Blog Post: Max is back, and better then ever

    I've been a big fan of rockstar for a while. I loved red dead redemption, and really liked la noire. As you can see, there's no doubt I'm excited for this game. I played it and was blown away. It met my expectations completely, and surpassed it by a mile. A great game that's so freakin... More
  • Blog Post: payne Killer

    Even with the high expectations I brought into Max Payne 3, Rockstar still managed to blow me away. The single player campaign was long enough and most certainly entertaining enough to keep me entertained for many hours and a couple playthroughs, but the single player is not the best part of Max Payne... More
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