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  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3 #EmporiumScore

    I've logged over 50 hours on this game for a reason. It's an absolutely fantastic game! The gameplay and combat system are very well constructed. The story is exceptional and the graphics are astounding. My only complaints, which aren't bad enough for me to stop playing the game, are the... More
  • Blog Post: Most immersive game ever

    Mass Effect 3 is one of the best games to date. It has a fast paced combat system and with Kinect on Xbox it makes you feel like Commander Shepard giving orders to your team. With new weapons customization you make the weapons you have feel like your own and give some upgrades to you team’s weapons... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3: A Satisfying Conclusion to an Excellent Series

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The Mass Effect series as a whole has been universally praised for its strength in player choice and story. Arguably the biggest release of 2012, Mass Effect 3 has both enraged and amazed fans with its controversial ending among... More
  • Blog Post: Doom And Gloom Makes For A Great Experience

    The galaxy is in peril once again, and it's up to Shepard to save the day. The Reapers have invaded the galaxy, using Earth as ground zero for their attack. The game opens with invasion; Shepard has been pulled from active duty because of his involvement with Cerberus in the second game. Though he... More
  • Blog Post: My Time with Mass Effect 3

    Hey, my reviews are off to a great start; a ten already! When I completed the main story my galactic readiness was at maximum, and I made sure to complete every side story I possibly could to maximise the size of my fleet. I went almost completely paragon, but I cannot help but be renegade when the trigger... More
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