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  • Blog Post: Can Mass Effect 3 Hold The Line?

    Mass Effect 3. Probably one of my biggest challenges to date on this blog is trying to write a review for this game. I've faced Sovereign and the Collectors without fear. I've turned down the Illusive Man's temptations. I kept everyone alive after the Omega-4 Relay. But nothing could prepare... More
  • Blog Post: Great game with one glaring flaw.

    Halfway through ME3 I was ready to declare it one of the greatest games I'd ever played. The gameplay was fun, the multiplayer was great, and the story was exemplary... Until the last ten minutes. Yep, this review is more of a rant. Won't spoil anything. The ending has a massive flaw in logic... More
  • Blog Post: Shepard's Final Journey is a Thrilling and Provocative Conclusion

    Who is Commander Shepard? Depending on the player, Shepard could be a man born on Earth with an extensive history as a War Hero, or Shepard could be a woman from a space colony notorious for her brutal efficiency in battle. Shepard could be a person of any ethnic descent, and just as many possible appearances... More
  • Blog Post: A Tiny Sour Note Can't Overcome This Wonderful Symphony

    All the news being heard about Mass Effect 3 is concerning the ending. Many find it unsuitable for such a fantastic game and fantastic series; this may or may not be the case. However, the ending to Mass Effect 3 is only the last 1% of this game. The rest of this fantastic game is being ignored. Mass... More
  • Blog Post: 95% Awesome 5% disappointed

    This is a great game, until you get to the ending. Bioware has said many times that this was going to be the final episode in the travels of Shepard. So one would expect an epic ending of an epic series. Instead you got what I would say is a rushed ending, that didn't answer any of the questions... More
  • Blog Post: Bioware pulls Stephen King move with Mass Effect.

    Alright ladies and gents, this is my first time writing a review, so please be gentle. Mass Effect 3 continues to be an incredibly engaging game. The final chapter of the masterpiece that Mass Effect is continues to bring both an engaging story and satisfying combat that is sure to please many. The game... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3 is the one of the best games ever made.

    The story and characters are so well written and produced you feel like you're part of the galaxy! Its cinematography is movie quality and you will enjoy watching cut-scenes as much as playing them. The only very minor complaint I have with the game has to do with graphics. I wish they wouldn't... More
  • Blog Post: Epic conclusion to the trilogy, well worth the hype.

    I'm going to keep this review basic since I don't have a lot of time. CONCEPT: Wrap up Shepard's epic saga with one amazing game packing in tons of quality content. GRAPHICS: On home console this game looks amazing, and even better on PC. The animations are fluid, well designed, characters... More
  • Blog Post: The Long Walk to the End

    Mass Effect is a story of triumph, defeat, love, sorrow and all the choices in between. Throughout the course of the trilogy, you are reminded how you are but one piece in a universe teeming with shifting political, social, and cultural views, all of which can make or break relationships and alliances... More
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