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  • Blog Post: Can Mass Effect 3 Hold The Line?

    Mass Effect 3. Probably one of my biggest challenges to date on this blog is trying to write a review for this game. I've faced Sovereign and the Collectors without fear. I've turned down the Illusive Man's temptations. I kept everyone alive after the Omega-4 Relay. But nothing could prepare... More
  • Blog Post: Farewell Commander Shepard...

    Mass Effect 3 Nex-Gen-Reviews Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Creator/Producer: Bioware ESRB rating: Mature Genre: Third Person Science Fiction RPG Well, that time has finally come. Its been months since I've beaten Mass Effect 2, and now, I have just finished Mass Effect 3 merely hours ago before starting... More
  • Blog Post: Farewell Commander Shepard...

    Mass Effect 3 Nex-Gen-Reviews (Warning, Major Spoilers Follow, Read At Your Own Risk) Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Creator/Producer: Bioware ESRB rating: Mature Genre: Third Person Science Fiction RPG Well, that time has finally come. Its been months since I've beaten Mass Effect 2, and now, I have... More
  • Blog Post: Great game with one glaring flaw.

    Halfway through ME3 I was ready to declare it one of the greatest games I'd ever played. The gameplay was fun, the multiplayer was great, and the story was exemplary... Until the last ten minutes. Yep, this review is more of a rant. Won't spoil anything. The ending has a massive flaw in logic... More
  • Blog Post: Most immersive game ever

    Mass Effect 3 is one of the best games to date. It has a fast paced combat system and with Kinect on Xbox it makes you feel like Commander Shepard giving orders to your team. With new weapons customization you make the weapons you have feel like your own and give some upgrades to you team’s weapons... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3 - Collector's Edition: Xbox 360 Review

    Mass Effect 3 is probably one of the most anticipated titles to come out in some time. Like Diablo III will be in a couple of months, Mass Effect 3 has certain expectations that will be almost impossible to meet for some people. In truth, I feel the expectations are higher here then for Diablo 3. Certainly... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3: The Final Chapter is The Best... For Once (SPOILER-FREE)

    Mass Effect 3 is likely one of the most talked-about games to date, and with good reason. But I'll get to that later. First of all, Mass Effect has been my favorite series in the world of entertainment, hands-down. The original Mass Effect brought us into the universe with a campy, space-opera feel... More
  • Blog Post: Complain all you want, ITS STILL AMAZING

    I would give this a 10 out of 10, even if in the end Shepard decided to kill himself. True, that would be about the worst ending possible, but the ending is only one tiny part of the game. Sure the end has holes, but maybe those holes aren't because the Bioware team is lazy, maybe its because they... More
  • Blog Post: It Could of Been a 10

    Let me just start by saying, I have always hated Mass Effect. Mass Effect 1 was an extremely well written piece of work. The universe was rich with so much lore, the alien races and characters were full of personality, and the dialogue was able to keep you captivated in the story. However, the gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Review of Mass Effect 3

    BioWare made one major promise when they first announced the Mass Effect series. They promised that over the course of three games there would be an element of choice never seen in video games before. Gamers would have the ability to set in motion the events that would mold the plots of all three games... More
  • Blog Post: WOW!

    Perfect Game in all ways! One the graphics, some of the best i've ever seen! Also great character movements and facial gestures. Also the story is great and mysterious. But also if you've played the past two installments you will notice your past decisions changed the story of Mass Effect 3.... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 3 User Review

    I got Mass Effect 3 on the first day it came out, and I am glad to say that almost every hour I had out of school, I was fighting the Reapers. I consider Mass Effect one of the best, if not the best, gaming franchise so far. I love the way that your choices make different things happen, and yes, I realize... More
  • Blog Post: The first real space opera.

    From it's first iteration, Mass Effect has revolutionized story telling and interaction between humans and NPC by creating believable, interresting and deep conversation, all in a fantastic universe. In Mass Effect 3, the galaxy is burning, under the attack of the Reapers, giant sentient spaceships... More
  • Blog Post: Bioware pulls Stephen King move with Mass Effect.

    Alright ladies and gents, this is my first time writing a review, so please be gentle. Mass Effect 3 continues to be an incredibly engaging game. The final chapter of the masterpiece that Mass Effect is continues to bring both an engaging story and satisfying combat that is sure to please many. The game... More
  • Blog Post: This is not an experience you can afford to miss

    Mass Effect 3 does what no game before has done, let you craft the story of Commander Shepard. Every conversation I had, every choice i made, every act i did over the previous two games comes to a head in this game. I honestly felt emotion playing this game when i say an old friend return or when they... More
  • Blog Post: The Star Wars of Our Time, Jar Jar Binks and All

    [Note: This is a review in progress] BioWare has truly revolutionized the medium. Many games highlight the effects of interactivity and story telling with a middle ground that pushes both boundaries into a new hybrid frontier. With Mass Effect 3 though, I can truly say that we have found a near perfect... More
  • Blog Post: Mishandled endgame mars otherwise well executed effort

    I had fun with Mass Effect 3 for the most part. I imported my save from ME2 (which was imported from ME1) and ran a hundred percent play-through. I experience some technical issues with my GTX280 corrupting textures and freezing--most of this was remedied with resetting the driver. The Good Stuff: -... More
  • Blog Post: Epic conclusion to the trilogy, well worth the hype.

    I'm going to keep this review basic since I don't have a lot of time. CONCEPT: Wrap up Shepard's epic saga with one amazing game packing in tons of quality content. GRAPHICS: On home console this game looks amazing, and even better on PC. The animations are fluid, well designed, characters... More
  • Blog Post: The Long Walk to the End

    Mass Effect is a story of triumph, defeat, love, sorrow and all the choices in between. Throughout the course of the trilogy, you are reminded how you are but one piece in a universe teeming with shifting political, social, and cultural views, all of which can make or break relationships and alliances... More
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