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  • Blog Post: Magicka: Wizard Wars Gets Its Own Training-Montage Tune, Release Date

    Paradox has unveiled a release date for its upcoming Magicka spinoff, Magicka: Wizard Wars, which is coming out this April. To accompany the news, those jokesters have created a new trailer for the game, which shows our robed heroes casting spells while accompanied by an '80s-style training-montage... More
  • Blog Post: The Spellcasting, PvP Action Is Now In Open Beta

    Paradox Interactive's Magicka: Wizard Wars is a free-to-play online game with a focus on crazy, goofy PvP action. While the PC title was previously available for Steam Early Access , the open beta now blows open the doors for more players to hop in and reduce one another to bloody pulps. To mark... More
  • Blog Post: Magicka: Wizard Wars Is Now Available Through Steam Early Access

    Magicka's unique spell combination system has made it a cult hit . Paradox Interactive has now thrown the doors open to it's in-development PvP spin-off, Magicka: Wizard Wars. It's available now via Steam Early Access. The title is being offered at three different price points with different... More
  • Blog Post: First Comedic Gameplay Trailer

    Paradox Interactive's Magicka has earned a following thanks to its quirky sense of humor. Fans enjoy the mix-and-match spell creation system and the Gauntlet-esque combat. Now, players will be able to take on their friends in team-based combat. Magicka Wizard Wars is a four-on-four PvP incarnation... More
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