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  • Blog Post: The Post-Apocalypse Is Televised In Mad Max TV Spot

    Mad Max comes out next week, and to give the general public a taste of what's in store for them, Warner Bros has released a quick TV spot that dutifully notes that the game is indeed rated M for Mature. For those of you unaware of what usually happens in a post-apocalyptic world; the game's wasteland... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Max Searches The Wasteland In New Trailer

    Max is a loner, but in the upcoming Avalanche Studios title Mad Max, he's definitely not alone. The latest trailer for the game shows off a little bit of the title's strongholds, but also tours through the game's cast of characters and Max's mindset along his journey. Mad Max comes out... More
  • Blog Post: Building Up Mad Max's Magnum Opus, The Four-Wheeled Heart Of His Wasteland

    I ventured into the heart of wasteland with the upcoming Mad Max game at a recent press event in Santa Monica. To stand a chance in this harsh atmosphere, you need to build up Max's Magnum Opus, his main source of transportation. Here's what I did to survive with my time in the crazy world, which... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Confirms Delay Into 2015

    It’s official. We have another delay into 2015. Mad Max, in development at Avalanche Studios, is slipping from 2014 into next year. A new trailer shows off Max’s Magnum Opus, a car players will build in the game to replace the iconic Interceptor. The video emphasizes the importance of cars... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Max's Open World Wasteland Feels Familiar

    Look back over reviews of Borderlands and Rage, and you'll find mentions of Mad Max's post-apocalyptic wasteland show up more than a few times. It's no surprise then that the Road Warrior's own game feels so familiar. In the developer-driven demo at Gamescom 2013, we got a look at vehicle... More
  • Blog Post: First Two Motion Comics Now Available

    If the first look at the post-apocalyptic setting of Mad Max had you begging for more, two new motion comics are sure to catch your interest. The comics are in a video format with an art style similar to some of the rapid comic style cutscenes seen in Infamous. The first two comics are available now... More
  • Blog Post: First Look At Max In Action

    Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche surprised us at E3 with their reveal of Mad Max, and now we've got the first gameplay trailer. In addition to a licensed NES title, the Mel Gibson films have been linked to video game culture many times. Examples include the bandits from Borderlands and elements... More
  • Blog Post: Avalanche Studios Show Off Open World Offroad Destruction

    Avalanche Studios, the team behind the Just Cause series, is turning its open world skills to a game based on the iconic Mad Max movie franchise, and so far the results look impressive. Mad Max has been rumored for some time, and at E3 Avalanche and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive made it official... More
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