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  • Blog Post: Six DLC Multiplayer Maps Heading To Lost Planet 3

    Lost Planet 3 is getting some paid DLC in the form of six additional multiplayer maps. Capcom is not able to offer many details on the maps, other than the few screens in the gallery below, and the names of the maps, which are in list form below: Convoy chasm Inferno Octagon Siege Spire Synapse For more... More
  • Blog Post: Banish This Franchise To The Outer Reaches Of Space

    The Lost Planet games have always received a mixed reception. From the kooky single-player tale of the first game to the absolutely bonkers co-op boss battles in part two, I’ve always enjoyed this adventurous (yet rough-around-the-edges) series – but the third entry lost me. Just like with... More
  • Blog Post: Lost Planet 3 Voice Actor Explains His Preparation Methods

    Voice actor Bill Watterson, the man behind the voice of Lost Planet 3's protagonist Jim Peyton, shares some of the extreme preparation necessary to take on his role. Along with sitting in bathtubs full of ice every morning before heading into the recording booth, Peyton also worked with real Akrid... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom's Latest Trailer Explains Just How Cold E.D.N. III Really Is

    E.D.N. III is a frozen world, and Capcom’s latest Lost Planet 3 teasers set out to demonstrate just how cold it is. Fans can now access the Coronis Diaries , a fictitious, virtual transmission portal set up by the Nevec mining company to support Coronis Base workers. The diaries include audio logs... More
  • Blog Post: Lost Planet 3's Fight For Survival

    Lots of organisms exist, but according to Lost Planet 3's main character Jim Peyton, it takes a lot more to survive. This latest trailer for the title doesn't expose much, but does give players a glimpse at the thinking of the NEVEC man. Lost Planet 3 hits the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 on August... More
  • Blog Post: New Lost Planet 3 Screens Showcase The Frozen Tundra And Monsters

    Lost Planet 3 has been a quiet title for Capcom. Developer Spark Unlimited has been toiling away at it releasing limited trailers and information. A new batch of images from the game have recently appeared, offering the first look we've seen at the game in awhile. Capcom mentioned the game in its... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Details Lost Planet 3's Multiplayer

    Capcom is letting NEVEC forces and the Snow Pirates go at it in Lost Planet 3's four multiplayer modes. The game also features six maps where combatants on either side will have to battle each other as well as the hostile elements of the planet E.D.N. III (although by the looks of the trailer below... More
  • Blog Post: Lost Planet 3's Trailer Provides Glimpse At Human Conflict, Release Date

    All Jim Peyton wanted was a steady paycheck for his family. NEVEC seemed like it offered a great opportunity for Peyton, mining energy from planet E.D.N. III. As he soon learns, there are more than just a few strings attached to his contract. The trailer below show that there's more to this planetary... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out 10 Minutes Of Lost Planet 3 Gameplay With Developer Commentary

    Lost Planet 3 isn't due until next year, but that isn't stopping Capcom from showing off a huge chunk of the game. The ten minute video shows off a number of aspects of Lost Planet 3, some familiar, some new to the series, and even takes a look at some of the characters and story. You can check... More
  • Blog Post: The Action Heats Up In Lost Planet 3

    During our TGS demo of Lost Planet 3, we drilled through a scorpion's tail with a giant mech. Clearly Lost Planet 3 looks like the most polished entry in the series so far. The trouble started when I got a call that there was a problem with the communications relay at the top of my peak. That communications... More
  • Blog Post: A Wild Ride, In And Out Of Your Rig

    The third entry in the Lost Planet series takes players back to a time before E.D.N. III was colonized. You play as Jim Peyton, a hard-working operator of a gigantic Rig mech, which he uses to harvest T-Energy. His job tasks him with trudging through freezing storms and swaths of ravenous Akrid - indigenous... More
  • Blog Post: Q&A Offers Details On New Hero, Sidequests, And More

    Fans of blowing up insectoid aliens in snowy environments got excited when Capcom announced Lost Planet 3 . The reveal came with an amazing trailer and some basic details, but we wanted a little more information. We conducted a Q&A with Andrew Szymanski, producer and project lead for Lost Planet... More
  • Blog Post: Chill Out With These Lost Planet 3 Screens

    Capcom's big announcement today was development of Lost Planet 3 by Spark Unlimited. Take a look at some of the bugs you'll be killing this time. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 3. Several of the screenshots below show off the cold, icy landscapes and some of the few enemies.... More
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