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What are you trying to prove?

Left 4 Dead

What are you trying to prove?

Well hello everybody!  Ladies, Gentlemen, boy, and girls...and zombies...Welcome to the guide!

In this guide I shall describe how to achieve all the levels at an Expert status.  Now in this guide I will not say you can't or shouldn't take advantage of glitches.  No, in fact if anything, it is encouraged.  Beating the last level, Blood Harvest, on Expert can be hard whether you use glitches or not.

Now, possibly later I will include level guides for people who wish to survive the other chunks of the campaigns, but for now, I shall just go over the finale of each level.  For now, I will tell you about a glitch called, "East to Expert."  It is a simple glitch and still allows you to be challenged by the finale at the end.

Easy to Expert- Alright, you must do this in a lobby that preferably you or someone you know has created.  Set the difficulty to easy and blaze through the level.  At the end of level 4 allow the finale to load up.  Once it does do not pick up any ammo, weapons, etc. although computers are allowed to do so though.  (Note: Sometimes people get the achievement even if they pick up weapons; sometimes not.)  Have the host vote to return to lobby.  The host must change the difficulty to Expert and switch the level back to the finale.  At any time, anyone who joins, as long as they complete the end of level 4 and stick out the finale, will earn the achievement. 

Each of these levels should be done with at least 3 people, although 4 is always recomended.

No Mercy- 1st way - Alright, so first, you are going to want to get your gear, that's obvious, but you could not believe how many time I've played a game and a teammate declares that he has "misplaced" his health pack or pipe bomb.  Have 3 shotguns and an assault rifle.  Head up stairs and chuck one of the pipe bombs near the large double doors.  This will eliminate a lot of the zombies in the area and decrease the threat of the Horde finding its way to your backside. 

Now, as a team, quickly run towards the grate and get through melee-ing all the way to keep zombies at a distance.  Have the assault rifle aim at the levels above to prevent smokers from grabbing teammates and from special infected "existing" while the shotguns take care of the horde. 

Move to the roof and allow the horde to die down as the assault rifle keeps a lookout for smokers and hunters.  Thin out the horde with pistols and head to the "main house" with the ammo, weapons, and radio.  Quickly check the left and the right sides of the map for extra pipe bombs and such.  Choose pipe bombs over molotovs as the horde is the biggest threat here.  It is possible that pills may be on the roof, but to be honest, that happens once in a blue moon.

Have each member grab a shotgun and use their pistols for long range fire.  This is mainly to kill tanks quickly and efficiently.  Call the Horde...I mean helicopter and pray.  Try to lure the tanks and other infected through the windows by strafing to the left and right of them.  Hunters and smokers are of no real threat.  Beware of boomers.  Keep an eye out for them and if you are boomed already shoot them and forget about it. Have someone throw a pipe-bomb if they have them and regroup and recover.  During any moment that you have, if you are below 55 health, use a health pack.  Nobody needs you if you can't move and could go down at the next horde wave.

After 1min 30sec a tank should appear.  Another one should appear after 2:45.  after the 2nd tank is beaten you should have a clear shot to the copter.  Quickly rush to the copter and throw one last pipe bomb.  There you are, achievement unlocked!

2nd way - Now, follow the "1st way" up until you get onto the roof.  Continue down after wiping out all of the infected.  Look at the building on the right with the satellite dish on top.  There is a door there.  Can you open it?  No?  Awwww, looks like you'll have to wait. 

Stock up on pipe-bombs and have everyone grab whatever they think works best for them.  I suggest either shotgun or assault rifle, although I have seen people do well with the sniper to shoot special infected later on. 

Now, have 3 people wait on top of the building with the dish on it while the bravest member (or the one who already has this level completed) answer the radio and call the chopper.  While this is happening have a person (preferably one with a shotgun) stand facing the door that is locked.  Horde will break through this door and allow you access.  Have the one who is answering the radio get back to the top ASAP while everyone on top stands by the ledges with guards on them.  This is to prevent smokers.  Also have everyone continue to melee to keep most infected off.

As soon as that door opens, the person watching should yell something and have everyone get their asses (excuse me) inside.  Once you are in run to the back wall and turn off your flashlight.  Now, you must wait.  No infected, special or not , shall enter this room.  You are safe; for the time being.

Have each person spin or move slightly at all times to prevent your survivor from becoming idle and turning on their flashlight and running outside.  Also, understand that even though you are safe and nothing is entering, the infected are still spawning in ever increasing numbers.  The tanks should all die as the will lose health if they cannot find you.

Once you hear the man's voice which could be between 3-10 minutes, book it out have whoever has the achievement run first and throw a pipe bomb to the left if they have one.  Then proceed to have everyone going from highest to lowest health move towards the chopper throwing their pipebombs left regardless if one has already been thrown or not.  Keep an eye out for hunters and leave all behind.  Get inside the chopper and...Achievement unlocked!

3rd way -  Alright, follow the "1st way" until your team is upon the roof.  Have everyone take out each and every infected.  This clears a path for "the loner". 

This lone wolf must head down to the building, alone, while the rest of the team head back down to the elevator shaft.  Head back through the grate and carefully walk into the elevator opening.  Sneak along the left and right sides of this ledge until your last 3 members are positioned wherever seems to fit your playstyles.

Have "the loner" call the chopper.  If so desired, this survivor may attempt the room mentioned in the "2nd way" and try to wait it out.  Your team will sit tight and have one team member watching the hallways that you came from, one team member watching the ladder, and one team member switching on and off.  Horde will come as expected and most special infected will be of no problem with the exception to smokers who may pull survivors off the ledge if not dealt with quickly.

Tanks get to be a bit tricky but with a bit of luck should be dealt with no major threat to the party.  The tank should 9 time out of 10 come from the ladder.  When it does so, have everyone move to the middle of the ledge and continue to melee as this causes you to be exceptionally vulnerable to a variety of other problems.  The tank should drop down the shaft and find himself unable to get back to the top.  After a few moments the tank will die.

After a while, you will hear the helicopter come to your rescue.  Quickly get up to the top and wait.  You shouldn't have to much trouble if you've gotten this far, but you may refer to the earlier portions of this guide and your own common sense.  Step on in and Achievement unlocked!

Death Toll- 1st way - Have 2 people with shotguns and two people with assault rifles and have them pair up.  One group looks front; one group looks back.  Upon exiting the safe room, clear all zombies and leave none behind as they are rather easy to clean up and if you don't, you may get mobbed by a pack of three you missed and that's what can hurt you bad. 

Exit to the streets and check the bumper of the Army vehicle for a pipe-bomb.  It's possible that once you get out on the streets you'll get horde mobbed.  If you do, don't panic, stick to your groups have assault rifle guys focus only on enemies at a distance, and shotguns should focus on close enemies.

Get inside the house and beware of hunters as they like to pounce you inside the house or right outside the next door.  9 times out of 10 there should be pills on the counter.  Grab those.  Now, once you are outside you should get mobbed.  This is even more likely if one of the members mentions how wide the gap is.  Again, don't panic; stick in groups.

Ahead you will see a house, a witch may appear in that house or on the path ahead by a flaming barrel.  If it is not in the house, check inside and see if there is a health pack or other item.

Continue on ahead dealing with threats as necessary.  When you get to the house have everyone grab assault rifles.  Move the the rock that is far left of the dock and have 3 people jump atop it and crouch.  If you are unable to get atop of it then try a running jump.

Once atop, the 4th man (or 3rd if you've sucked it up till now =]  ) should set off the radio and then run all the way back.  Now, once atop, you will see maybe 30 total regular infected throughout the whole waiting period. 

Have two people look left at the rocks and the other two face right at the side hills and deep into the woods.  Smokers should come from these two areas.  Hunters are of no problem if you deal with them immediately.  If a hunter does pounce you be ready to have the whole team knocked off and potentially ruin this win.  Boomers are easy to remove, but if you do get boomed, expect an extra 3 infected.

Now you will notice that most infected cannot get up onto this rock.  This includes tanks.  Tanks are unable to get up to the rock but their rocks can.  When a tank throws a rock; dodge.  Kill the tanks with pistols, and save ammo for the latter bit when you need to run.

You'll hear the boat come up.  Make a run for it and if you have any pipe-bombs; throw them.  This should be the easiest win.  Achievement unlocked!

2nd way - Alright, now follow the last one till you get to the boat house.  Have 2 people grab assault rifles and 2 people grab shotguns.  Have up to 3 people grab pipe-bombs and 1 person grab a Molotov.  Head to the dock.  Make sure that if there are any gas cans, that you leave them at the front of the dock.  Also have one person with an assault rifle hide behind the box to avoid getting smoked and to avoid rocks thrown at them.

Split the groups to have 1 of each weapon per sub-group of 2.  The shotgun guys are responsible for taking the regular infected off the dock while assault rifles are responsible for far out special infected.  Place a gas can at the end of the dock and then call the boat.

Have everyone keep on guard and remember to switch to pistols if your ammo goes low.  It is faster to switch then reload.  Continue melee-ing while reloading.  After a minute or so a tank should spawn.  Don't panic just continue to focus on the tank and tank alone.  Keep behind the box placed on the dock.  This should prevent the rocks from hitting anyone.  If the tank gets on the dock; jump off.  Split up a bit but keep fire going on the tank.  It should fall before you know it.

The Horde is coming again.  Have everyone get onto the dock ASAP.  Continue fending off Horde and tanks.  Remember that pipe-bombs are a necessity and should only be used if you are overwhelmed.  The gas can(s) are for tanks primarily and therefore should only be used to defend against such.  The Molotov should be used against tanks as well.

When the boat comes, throw a pipe-bomb and book it onto the boat.  Achievement unlocked!

3rd way -  This way involves staying in the house.  On Expert I would not recommend this as it is too easy to become split apart or to become trapped.  However, I do understand that some people would wish to play this game as it was "meant to be played" and I suppose that is fine, but I would say that however you play it is how it was meant to be played as L4D is a game all about replay value.

Regardless, you'll want to grab whatever weapons you feel comfortable with.  I would suggest 3 shotguns and an assault rifle, although it is up to you.  Try to stick in the top floor's main room and only leave that room when a tank comes.  Take the gas cans and leave them at the entrances and exits.

When a tank comes you have 2 options: 1.) Flee to the water slowly first trying to engage the tank from the roof and when he comes drop back to the water or 2.) Attempt to flee around the house running laps inside the house.  This works by starting at the roof and when it comes up, then you need to drop down and climb back up when it drops down.

Continue battling back horde waves and beware of boomers as they are the most harmful to your party during this way of completing the boat house.

After the boat comes throw a pipe-bomb and run, or you can just run and have one of the party members who may have already received this achievement run out and act as decoy.  Either way, Achievement unlocked!

Dead Air - 1st way - Alright you are going to want to make sure that you have 2 pipe-bombs and 2 Molotovs if possibly.  If this isn't possibly try to even out the mix as best as possible.  Also 3 shotguns and an assault rifle would be recommended.

Clear the infected below using pistols or the assault rifle and then head to the wall of the airport.  You should see some doors (unless they are broken) that lead to a small room that in "real life" would serve no more purpose than a utility closet.  This room is perfect to stay in if you wish to continue melee-ing.  You should have the shotguns in the front while the assault rifle watches out for special infected.

Now, have one of the shotguns go and start the fueling of the plane.  Run back ASAP as often times hunters will pounce you behind cover so that your team is unable to save you immediately.

Once a tank comes run out of this room and split up.  If the tank starts to chase one person have everyone get on the tanks ass and pump lead into him.  (Note: the assault rifle is the best one to have been chased as he should just turn and run while the shotguns pump him.)  Once the tank falls rinse and repeat.

Now, during this time, boomers are the main threat when there isn't a tank.  By them vomiting and disorientating the group, your team may fall victim to friendly fire.  If a boomer hits you, continue to melee.  It also behooves the shotguns to check left and right from time to time for the occasional boomer.

If you have lasted this long, gotten past 2 tanks, an uncountable amount of horde and your friends blaring their music into their mics, then you should hear the pilot say he's ready.  Throw pipe-bombs and Molotov cocktails behind you methodically if you haven't previously used the cocktails on tanks.

Now be careful after getting passed the fueling lever as hunters and smokers alike enjoy grabbing survivors in this area.  If your teammate has already received the achievement and is down...leave them.  Achievement unlocked!

More Will Be Added Within The Following 24 Hours.  Thank you for your  patience!

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  • So far, this seems like a very well laid out and detailed guide.  Keep up the good work!

  • for death toll finale their is always a pipe bomb on the bumper of the army vehicle when you leave that small room. always helps me thin out the horde

  • great guide btw

  • This is extremely helpful, note though, you spelled death toll wrong when you bolded it and underlined it.

  • Thank you Anthony.  I can't catch all the errors. =]

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