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The JUMPSHOT and UNTOUCHABLES achievements. (w/o cheating)

Left 4 Dead

The JUMPSHOT and UNTOUCHABLES achievements. (w/o cheating)

I just got both achievements today and they were the hardest achievements in L4D in my opinion

heres how you get em':


JUMPSHOT- all right first of all start a single player campaign on NO MERCY. switch the difficulty to expert and teamkill your team mates (otherwise they'll kill the hunter 99.9999% of the time b4 you do) after incapaccitating all of them grab an Uzi. then go to the south side of the rooftop and sprint off the side of the building onto the airconditioning unit on the other building. heal up then get out of the alley way and wait for a hunter to appear... okay now the real work begins. as soon as you hear him immediatley discern where hes at. then crouch using the LB button aim about halfway from zenith and the ground, wait for him to leap and then blast his head clean off. you'll know you've succeeded when you get the achievement (obviously) and when your character says something badass.

UNTOUCHABLES- start a game on the finale of DEATH TOLL. (play metallicas for whom the bell tolls (optional)) make sure you have three dedicated human players (one bot is okay but trust me; the less A.I. there is the better. make sure the difficulty is on easy and have three of your four players get into position on the dock. two on the steps and the others on either side hiding behind a crate (make sure to crouch if your on the sides not the middle). send the remaining player to activate the radio. quickly sprint back to position making sure (IMPORTANT) that two of you have molotovs (one for each tank) and at least 1 pipe bomb (for the final surge of infected) the person on the left side of the dock should watch the rock and west shoreline watch out because smokers like to sneak behind the rock and grab you the two in the middle of the dock should be on general clean up duty (everyone should have carbines btw) the person on the right should watch the house and the east shoreline. occasionally a smoker WILL grab one of you so be prepared with this plan: the people on the right of the dock are responsible for each other and the people on the left are responsible for each other. i cant tell you how many times the entire team will go to save the one person that gets snatched by the smoker and on of them gets hit once by a common infected. the remaining players should give the rescuer and rescuee fire support being careful not to shoot them because friendly fire DOES count. when a tank(s) comes everyone should immediatly shoot at him, and the ones with the molotovs should throw them (remember to call your shots so you dont waste both) he should go down before he even reaches the dock. after taking care of the horde the final surge will begin DO NOT IMMEDIATLEY THROW THE PIPE BOMB the second you hear the hordes final surge scream instead wait until the boat is just barely visible then throw. get on the boat.

Bam. you just got some of hardest achievements to get without cheating.

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  • Nice guide. 10/10

  • pretty good guide the smokers are the hardest part team work is a must here

  • This might actually be possible.  Got to try it.

  • Good guide, I must say, but there is a much easier way to get Jump Shot, even though it is a bit cheap.

    Take a friend and go to Death Toll's level: The Drains. On Expert, kill the AI, then proceed to the big circular room and grab yourself an Assault Rifle if you can. Now, you and your friend watch each other's backs at the top of the ladder leading down and have closed captions on to make sure you know there's a hunter. When one spawns, stand/crouch at the top of the ladder, aim down, and get ready. You'll see him crawl over and pounce on the ladder to climb up faster (most of the time) and you shoot his exposed head. Keep shooting as the kill shot doesn't have to be his head, a bullet just has to hit it, and once he dies you should get the achievement.

    As for Untouchables, your best bet is either that, the Jesus Rock on the same level, or the Jesus Room in No Mercy (best).

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