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Knights Contract Blog Guidelines
  • A Bewitching Story Hindered By Nagging Gameplay

    Heinrich and Gretchen’s journey is tiresome, but when the game works the way it should, the duo creates a wonderfully chaotic storm on the battlefield that empowers the player with the feeling of being unstoppable.

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  • Knights Contract Preview


    Namco Bandai’s Knights Contract comes out on the 22, but do you know if the game is right for you? Maybe a gameplay clip would help educate you in your decision, and if one gameplay video isn’t enough, how about six?

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  • Knight's Contract First Look


    Namco Bandai showed off a trailer for a new game called Knight’s Contract at E3. The trailer revealed very little about the game, but at Gamescom 2010 in Germany Namco took the veil off the game.

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