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  • Blog Post: long live stars wars forever

    its really great that star wars is being noticed in our century because star wars cant be forgotten due to Lucas films and his greatest ideas of all time (thats my opinion of course).what i'm trying to say that star war cant be forgotten ever unless their are certain things happening.our new gen... More
  • Blog Post: A Star Wars game for kids

    Nothing really works in this game at all. The gameplay is clunky , the mini games are only appealing to kids and there isn't anything here whatsoever to appeal to the hardcore star wars fan. The only good thing i liked about the game is the nice stylized graphics this game has. More
  • Blog Post: An epic failure with 2 fun mini-games.

    This game was recently given to me as a gift. I knew that the people who bought it for me make very little money so I tried to be as polite as possible. My father and I somehow played the first 2 levels in front of them without killing ourselves. Afterwards I tried out the Rancore Rampage mini-game which... More
  • Blog Post: Short and Simple

    This game is an insult to such a great franchise. More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Star Wars: Surprisingely Fun

    I just want to tell you when I first saw the game it seemed promising but the controls looked broken and the mini games looked just downright hateful to me. I'm a Star Wars fan and it was rough for my eyes to see C3PO dancing. Still, the game was fun for me. I can pretty much sum up the game in the... More
  • Blog Post: Very Enjoyable :)

    I heard plenty of people complaining about Kinect Star Wars. Saying stuff like "a true Star Wars fan would cry" yada yada yada. Let me put you at ease, I am a true Star Wars fan and I loved it. True it has a few bugs but show me a kinect game that doesn't. I had some issues wielding my... More
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