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  • Blog Post: Killer Instinct Launch Trailer Confirms The Return Of Fulgore

    As the star of Killer Instinct's Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 box art, Fulgore has always been the poster child for the Killer Instinct franchise. We expected his return, but now we can confirm it. Unfortunately, he won't be available with the game's release on Friday. He will be added... More
  • Blog Post: Orchid Confirmed And Showcased For Killer Instinct, Spinal Teased

    Microsoft and Double Helix have teased Spinal for its next-gen fighter, Killer Instinct, in a new trailer, which shows the previously teased Orchid in action. You will see Orchid (who no longer uses the "B." in front of her name) breaking Jago's face and turning into a tiger, among other... More
  • Blog Post: Killer Instinct And The Cloud – Balancing Without A Patch

    One of Microsoft’s most ambiguous selling points for the Xbox One is its ever-present cloud. We haven’t seen many examples of its use outside of Forza Motorsport 5’s Driveatar, but Microsoft frequently assures us in press conferences and development videos that it will be awesome. In... More
  • Blog Post: Killer Instinct PAX Trailer Showcases Chief Thunder, Reveals New Character

    As part of Killer Instinct's PAX 2013 presence, a new trailer has released showcasing Chief Thunder, and teasing a new character. It's not much of a tease per se, as the new female combatant is fully shown in all of her combat glory. She is the first entirely new, non-returning character to be... More
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